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Every Amber is a useless lesbian mess. There are no exceptions 🥰

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Become the haunted transgender trombone you wish to see in the world.

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Found a neat bug in
If you have cheats on in coop mode and killbind when picking up a cube, the cube will be stuck on your portal gun until it gets vaporized. It persists between lives.

I have no idea if this will work in actual coop because I was testing this in the in-game map editor which let me switch between robots with "r"

is this why "kill" is considered a cheat in multiplayer?

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pol, ddos 

I don't really support the ddos tool for a couple reasons:
You risk catching innocent people in the crossfilre (I didn't see any reasoning behind why banks/buisnesses were targeted)

If you use Tor to mask your identity for the ddos you fuck over other Tor users

If you use a vpn to mask your identity you can get your vpn service revoked and fuck over other vpn users

If you're behind a NAT you could fuck over other people behind the same NAT

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I just gave up and peed on my website today


the "bri" switch on the roland jazz chorus amps summons brie cheese from above

begpost, urgent, please boost! 

I'm still in a bad situation at home and need all the help I can to get out, but until then I need help paying for food, outstanding bills, gas money for being able to escape the orbit of this place i'm stuck in, anything.

Most urgent are some late bills from my previous place: I have about $300 outstanding that i need to take care of by the 28th and I've only collected about $25. Anything you can give helps. Thank you <3

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

The gec compiler only works if you have 100 threads

It's funny to me how poorly defended Starfleet ships are, in every Star Trek show. Like, if a handful of pirates or something beam aboard they can just... make their way onto the bridge, probably killing a few ensigns on the way, and *then* they either get fought off by the bridge crew or just take control of the ship lmao

I like the self-checkout at supermarkets, but it would save a lot of money if they did away with those and just gave the food away for free.

@Amber o i forgot about scrot!! those names are funny

someone should make a wayland screenshot tool called "girth"

i need to fix my configs to take cropped screenshots correctly

I.need to figure out how to rip files from patreon

My dad unplugged my laptop power cord and I didn't know so my computer died in the middle of a game. Hadn't saved in a while either

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