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Every Amber is a useless lesbian mess. There are no exceptions 🥰

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I'll be the hottest girl in the jazz band!

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Become the haunted transgender trombone you wish to see in the world.

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Found a neat bug in
If you have cheats on in coop mode and killbind when picking up a cube, the cube will be stuck on your portal gun until it gets vaporized. It persists between lives.

I have no idea if this will work in actual coop because I was testing this in the in-game map editor which let me switch between robots with "r"

is this why "kill" is considered a cheat in multiplayer?

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pol, ddos 

I don't really support the ddos tool for a couple reasons:
You risk catching innocent people in the crossfilre (I didn't see any reasoning behind why banks/buisnesses were targeted)

If you use Tor to mask your identity for the ddos you fuck over other Tor users

If you use a vpn to mask your identity you can get your vpn service revoked and fuck over other vpn users

If you're behind a NAT you could fuck over other people behind the same NAT

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Not to rain on anybody’s UFO party, but I’d rather have our political leaders focus on fucking climate change than having a day long meeting about a nonexistent alien invasion.


I once found some guy talking about ffmpeg on a hypno site

sina ale, o kalama luka
pona mute, kin kalama uta
o sona e ni, musi ni li suli
sina en mi li tawa musi suwi

I will never shut up about programming brain worms I will never shut up about the operation to put more shit ass men into programming in the late 60s and early 70s

committing crimes against linux for fun and profit

delete and redraft to add more typos, thats' the kobold way

"wanna get piña colada and skinny dip bro?"

"goddamnit I need to see this twink"

exerpt's from jiti

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