(also i appreciate the editing in this lol)

@Amber "You drink water I drink anarchy" excuse for a moment while I die laughing

I am slowly recovering my ability to breathe. That was out of this world! Goodness gracious.


@clacke @Amber that is so funny it's potentially dangerous! Truly proof that future under our machine overlords can only be better.

@Amber i can never not watch the bot batman movie stuff 🤣

I'm genuinely sitting here with tears running down my face from laughing.

I watched it again and I'm still weeping laughing even though I know what she's going to say next.

@Amber @maloki I alarmed my cat guest with my paroxysms of laughter 🤣

@Amber five hours later and this still brings literal tears to my eyes.

death, parents, violence 

@Amber this is hilarious 😂

@Amber aaaaaaaaahhhhh can I please have back my diaphragm now 😂 😂 😂


@daniel_bohrer @Amber I don't think there *are* 1000h of batman movies.

@Amber hot damn, this really made me laugh... thanks a ton for this :D

@Amber oh I love these! I've watched the video versions that Netflix did for most of them too

@catswhocode this isn't my video lol

I wish I sounded like that

@Amber joker's "i have never followed a rule" quote and his coupon joke are things he'd actually do, and i think it's hilarious how even in the ramblings of an AI he's still totally himself.

@Amber I'm so glad, I'm working from home right now, cause I'm literally crying.

@Amber Thank you for posting this. My day has been shitty and you made me laugh.

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