Hate to see ace and aro people getting excluded from pride

@Amber fuck aphobes, I won’t let them exclude us, we’re part of pride wether they like it or not

@Amber it consistently stuns me that exclusion happens from within the community. Haven't we all experienced enough of that? Also, it can't be that difficult to recognise everyone is valid? We have some serious growing up to do

@hermione404 @Amber I never get this in a community like ours. Its founded on the whole fact that we're a marginalised group that faces discrimination.... Why the hell create more of it!?

@Amber what do they think the A is for, fucking Australia?

@arcade @Amber some people think it stands for “Ally” there was fights about it.

@zens @Amber wtf people whyyy allies by definition aren't queer

@arcade @Amber queer is covered by Q i would have thought- though it’s popular to think of “queer” as an umbrella term to include everyone (that’s how i think of it) there’s a few older folk and seperately some utterly shitty people who still feel “queer” is a slur. so i don’t know what categories they have goin in their heads

@arcade @Amber exclusionists don’t get the point of solidarity. i think the sequence of letters should include black and indigenous folk too, we’re all in the same struggle against fascism

@zens @Amber yes! Solidarity forever and intersectionality forever

@zens @Amber oh I meant to say that allies aren't any kind of gay/lesbian/Enby/trans etc. Queer! So like why would allies need to be in the acronym

@arcade @Amber i dunno, i am not on team include allies, but i think the argument is something like we should give them a treat for being good boys

@arcade @Amber like, i’m not *against* including allies but that argument doesn’t really convince me of its merits

@zens @Amber same here, allies are super important, but just as a treat for being good boys isn't a great argument

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