woooooooooo the sore throat I woke up with sunday has turned into a raging headache, coughing, runny nose, overactive heart, aggravating my asthma and general weakness :aRainbowSheep:​

At the very least I'm vaccinated so if it is covid I won't get critical but this is the sickest I've felt in years :burgGay:​


I fucking loved this, but I took a few bites into it and found broken fucking glass???????????

Turns out it was just broken plastic from my shitty cheese grater

I'm going to squeeze the lime out of Sublime Text and make my own editor called Subtext. Every keystroke types out the 🥺 emoji, and you have to guess what the sub wants.

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Life is like rehearsing for a part you are already playing.

:flagLesbian:​ 🚚​Man it's hard to not U-Haul after an evening date turn into a three day cuddle session where you talk untill the sun goes down. 🚚​ :flagLesbian:​

Sappy romance 

I think I've peaked in lesbian dating.

A girl came over, ate food I worked hard on and told me she loved it.

She then ended up reading my personal journal and wouldn't stop mentioning how much what I wrote resonated with her.

We then talked about our trauma and how we deal with it while gently looking into each others eyes, until we realized we were so absorbed in talking we forgot about our evening plans.

We spent the rest of the night cuddling, kissing, watching fire works at the park, holding hands, walking around, sharing the things we loved, talking about how each of us arrived at this point in our lives and giving each other butterflies.

I can hardly imagine a better date, and I think I've resorted to bragging about it because it almost doesn't feel real.

Raw meat/food prep 

Just skinned and deboned six pounds of chicken thigh. I think next time I'm making such a large batch I'll just splurge and get the pre prepped stuff :alwayRember:​

Took me nearly an entire hour

Frantically wrote five pages of chicken scratch defending "head empty" as a good philosophy.

Alrighty, time to stop telling other people to meditate and take my own dam advice by making it a habit.

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