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ready to go out in the summer weather :3

Violence in movies, jurassic world 3 

Also, it was so good that oomf who hadnt seen any of the previous movies wants to watch those now! Which is so nice and exciting to hear aaaa

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Violence in movies, jurassic world 3 

Surprisingly, it was a good movie! The dinosaurs looked okay and I'm glad they didn't make therizinosaurus a carnivore

Also baryonyx my beloved i miss you <3

Allosaurus and carnotaurus did a great job at keeping the malta citizens on their toes tho

And ofc T-Rex <3 ilysm my bb you were once again great

I LOVED that the dynamics in the original trio stayed the exact same also! It was SO fun to watch

I could go on but I'm a bit sad crisp rat made it out unscathed


selfie ec, boosts appreciated 

So happy to be both very straight and very cis. Yup, that's me /s

Wooohooo my binder finally came in the mail! It wasn't supposed to come until june so this is a welcome surprise!

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Morning alphabet mafia ;***

It happens to be a day of which it is certainly not my day of birth.

I implore you to give this post a boost.

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if you're seeing this
you're gay

Someone needs to start producing miku binders for real i kinda want one skhdkdjd

re: swearing 

currently DMing a premade campaign for some friends and one of the NPCs is called that

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Why the fuck is Tybalt pronounced as "Tibbelt" and not as "Ty-bald" please i am dying

when i experimented with pronouns the first time i was like: this is fine, it doesnt give me like euphoria or anything
me now, whenever my friends use pronouns other than she/her for me: almost crying on the inside, overjoyed

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