Does anyone else physically feel nail polish even after it has dried, almost like there's a weight or slight pressure on your nails?? Or is it just my sensory issues??


I keep thinking ibs isn't that bad bc i have a fairly long period of time between bad days
And then-
Ibs cramps beating me out of my goddamn chair

Apparently, while i wait for the gay ice skating anime movie, what i could do is watch gay skating anime???????

Of course corona isn't over if all almans see one (1) ray of sunshine and decide to visit the local castle in droves

I am SO glad things like Shinigami Eyes exist... like until recently i didnt know how practical it is, but i've gotten rid of so many tumblr mutuals because i didnt think to check twice who they were reblogging from and now i dont even have to!!

Someone just unfollowed me just to follow me again on instagram and then sent me a dm why i am not following them back

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