No one perceive me I do not exist outside of my own perception

Laughing about the catholic church being upset over their influence and reputation deteriorating

My brain when I see marble color dice: saltwater taffy

Are you guys ready to vote on whether these dice sets are just pretty or if they look tastey??

"It will be fine, this time i won't get cramps from drinking coffee... don't worry guys..."
Narrator: But things were not fine for long

Fave things about the direct:
the mario golf announcement fucking killed me it was so funny, also, new game mode: run
splatoon 3: no more gender
skyward sword remake
danganronpa but with pokemon artstyle

I hate how "When Marnie was there" wasn't written as a romantic movie like??? Couldn't you have left out the part where it was all an imagination of her grandma????

good morning and happy valentine's day friends πŸ’œ

The debate between soggy cereal enjoyers and crunchy cereal enjoyers, may be what finally brings down

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