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Wowie, I am back. Yeah. Its been a while. Life has been tough

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Hey guys, Im doing commissions, Im moving right now so uhh life is interesting. Fullbody commissions are only 4$ and I can even make adoptables based on moodboards and aesthetics for 9$. If you can commission me please boost this so people that do wanna commission me can see it hhhh, sorry for the long post.

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Wowie, I am back. Yeah. Its been a while. Life has been tough

it means that we will all stare outside into the rainy cold void wishing we remembered to buy cocoa

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the nightcore version of Rockefeller Street is the only song that i think is better as nightcore

Sorry i was dead, life has been a bitch. Im moving so every Weekend im at the new home and during the week I work so oof. But hey just checking in!
How has life been?

Hi! Im gonna try to be more active here! We are getting better internet soon so expect me to annoy yall more

I just heard that nazis can use txt files.

Sounds like the txt format has very serious moderation problems then.

Hey guys, Im alive! Tomorrow my family and I will fly home and I can finally draw again and finish the drawings I started.
Its been a great two weeks,really, but Im happy to get back home. So expect me to post again when im home! Missed you guys

Im gonna be on vacation from the 7th to the 21st, so if yall wanna commission me i wont be able to finish any of them rn. I cant take my laptop with me on my trip, so I wont be able to draw. Anyway, I will miss you guys!! See you in two weeks i think

this day is disappointing so far

I thought this day was the day of the crusade

I made some twitch emotes for myself, so yeah, you could say Im a professional streamer and artist ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿค—

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