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I wanted to sleep, but hey if you want to throw your karaoke party at 1:30 AM that's cool too.

Hey! Did you know that if you delete PS4 notifications about game downloads, it actually deletes the game!?

What the heck, Playstation!

The relatable taco of university is relatable because it's falling apart. Scientists say it is indeed relatable. I agree with this.

Improv class was great today. the 17 of us essentially played name games and threw balls around. It was a stimulating and fun time! I'm so thankful that my instructor is friendly and amazing at what she does.

As a class requirement, we are to keep a journal of our progress. perhaps I will continue to leave updates here about Improv.

I had Mini Wheats this morning. I had to move the harvest flakes out of the way. come to think of it... I forgot to put them back. Part of me wonders if I disrupted some sort of predestined future for myself and for the harvest flakes, but another part of puts up with the flux, constantly changing without any proper order. Either way, there's no going back, there is only hope for the future. Hopefully the future will have more Mini Wheats.

Cereal is pretty good. I don't appreciate the activity of eating cereal as much as I should. some good nutrition along with fibers and what not, all packed in and mixed with milk to make your bones stronger. I should have breakfast more often.

more so, cereal is a lonely meal. Eating cereal is a self-reflective process where one can reflect on his inner demons, casting thoughts into a sea of cornflakes and milk. I must attempt to fully understand this activity of eating cereal...

A whole month has passed since I started making YouTube videos. I wanted to thank everyone for supporting my dream, and I hope that I can continue to get better with each passing day. together we can grow into something amazing!

Anyway, thank you for reading and listening. It means a lot to me, and I hope you all have a wonderful first day of September!


My bro, @MutoShack , suggested that I join this crazy place for the good of my online life. He wouldn't leave my room until I made an account, so here I am, alive and well. However, I almost died laughing at the "TOOT!" button. what world am I living in right now?


Just a general instance with a catchy name.