The democratic party is incapable of standing up to fascists. I wonder why 🤔

Makes a Minecraft modpack intending for it to be a focused experience but keeps getting destracted and going off on tangents. Now I have a skygrid survival pack with a focus on decoration and a ton of magic mods as well as create, immersive engineering, and pneumaticcraft. Time to slog away at integrating all these in kubejs


Why does the popcorn bag have such a dire warning never to use the microwave's popcorn setting. What's the worst that could happen

I was vaguely intrigued by shipspace hard breaker but the graphics are too good

Fake animal eye contact 

Got this creature for 50 cents

Dr strange 

Saw dr strange last night. It was weird. Like a very bizarre collision between your bog standard MCU shit and an actual creative vision. There were all lot of shots that felt like shitty spiderman web swinging green screen and when I said that to my sister she said "well you won't believe who directed this movie" which. lol. Can't argue with that.
There were a lot of legitimately cool moments too it's just everything visually about the movie from the way the camera moves to the way the transitions between shots happen felt designed to take you out of it and make you recognize they're standing in a big green room covered in dots. Weird movie.
I even feel bad talking about how weird it is because I did just see EEAAO which was 1) about multiverse stuff 2) incredibly weird and 3) so much of a better movie than dr strange it feels like an insult to it to compare them. But dr strange was weird nonetheless. Or should I say it was strange


There is an island, a forest, and a swamp, plus a number of multicolored lands within grixis

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I think it might be possible to make a functional commander deck out of the cards in this tag

Of course the real way to make a budget cube is to print out all the expensive cards yourself on paper and put them in sleeves

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I guess I have an inherent advantage because I like playing jank

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Blows my mind that a "budget" cube for MTG is considered to be around $150. I just put one together for $20


Being a dirkliker is complicated because you can't just say he's your favorite character. He's your entire top five

Bugbear polearm wielder doodles 

Finally got around to writing a full image caption for this, posting off of followers-only.

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Food / Cooking 

Advice needed. If part of a ginger root is green is that part still useable or should I cut it off.

Vague post (not that kind of vaguepost just vague in general) 

Oh ok so that's what happened

Everything Everywhere All At Once 

It was really good! Very packed with action scenes, but it didn't need to rely on them to keep me hooked the way a lot of action movies have to. It was very weird, very funny. It had a satisfying amount of sci fi bullshit but also a strong and sincere emotional core.

re: TMBG BOOK album opinions 

Actually I have to amend this because I forgot I Can't Remember The Dream was in BOOK. That's my real favorite song from it

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