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I sure fucking hope whatever they paid Tantacrul to be part of this Musegroup takeover was worth his whole fucking reputation, because at this point nobody is going to use their poisonous fucking software now. Makes me sick that I ever watched the fucker.

Like this whole thing was bad enough when it was quibbling over open source licensing and what to name the fork. But this? This is deadass threatening to deport someone back to their authoritarian country, which they actively are critical of. Whether it is legal to or not, using that power makes you a fucking FASCIST.

Github comment from "workedintheory", which is a pretty apt fucking name at this point:

For the sake of preservation, I'm going to quote the most revealing part of this comment in a reply.


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Upon further investigation, it became clear that Wenzheng Tang is a Chinese national, but not resident in China. As a guest in his current country, his residency status is predicated on a number of conditions, one of which is not violating the law.

If found in violation of laws, residency may be revoked and he may be deported to his home country.

This becomes even further complicated given another repo of his - Fuck 学习强国, which is highly critical of the Chinese government. Were he deported to China, who knows how he may be received.

While under normal circumstances, he could apply for asylum in order not to be deported, but this option is extremely limited when found in violation of the laws of the country you are a guest in.

It seems that Musegroup, rather than just using normal DMCA channels to try and defend their IP instead sent this developer a threatening email with the hopes to bully their project off of Github.

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In my mind, everything up to this point has been a dog and pony show. It's disgusting, but software licensing is pretty small beans in the grand scheme of the universe.

I refuse to let THIS go. This is abhorrent, it's inhumane, it's unempathetic, and I hope everyone at Musegroup gets reincarnated as maggots for 10,000 lives.

re: musegroup github comment 

@animerrillproductions Musegroup is proving themselves to be astronomically tonedeaf in all matters that touch their grasp.

Also that dev deserves a fucking knuckle sandwich, despicable fucking dipshit. That reply was beyond disgusitng
They can't. Those music sheets does not belong to them anyway, so they turned to blackmailing devs. kek

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