Pinned post, who said fuchsia can't be part of red? I'm taking you up on that challenge, right here, right now.

this is a reference to a very specific 4chan post. you know the one

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I finally sat down and sorted/edited all the photos I took in last two months

I like this one a lot

It's just weird that we're being trained to be addicted to rage by computer algorithms for driving content

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Experiment: Stable Diffusion Ai (left) and Krita paint-over (right).
In short, this process is tedious. Fixing anatomy issues of the Ai takes a lot of time. Also, some parts are just too random to make sens (she eats chocolate? ) but I'll keep testing, many new possibilities!🍫

A sad day for the Brits, who have lost their emotional support GILF
i cant believe the brits really named a place sus sex..

Hey *bites into a raw onion* wanna make out? 💋 🧅

... i'm not even going to ask how i went from talking about vagueposting to talking about my old metaphor-model. goodnight fediverse. shitpoasts will resume tomorrow

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which sounds suspiciously specific but i direct you to my occasional mentions on this account about my prism metaphor of self... neither ariadne cordova nor ladon nightshade are my real names (they're names of my characters in my writing projects!! lol) yet they're much better at capturing select slices of my identity, and subsequently, clusters of moods

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whenever i think of compartmentalizing people i think of imposing hard, rigid labels that might not even be accurate to them. but i think another kind of toxic compartmentalization is expecting them to tag, organize, separate, etc. their different moods so their followers and readers can pick and choose different facets like an e-goodie bag of malformed optics and psychology

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deleted a vaguepost about someone else's equally juvenile's like, what even IS the point of following people if you're not following them in full? from rancid takes to flops to banger posts to raw shitpoasting to wisdom and insight and magic, following someone is accepting them as-is, or learning to accept them as-is

I feel bad for peep that come 2 fedi make these heart felt posts and get literally 0 interaction, no stars, no reshares, no follows, eventuallyl they just leave. and thats on us, Fedi doesn't have an algorithm to ink people with their interests, and the way federation functions it can easily over represent certain people ( like anime spammers ) while giving others 0 reach

so keep that in mind don't be stingy with likes and reshares, and manually check in on your follow(er) list once in awhile

mid-August 18th 2022 personal updates 

  • younger brother is back in school, attending his sophomore high school year
  • signed up for classes, paid a partial sum and will pay the other two installments in the next few months
  • trading in my Pixel 3a for a Pixel 6a. the $300 credit is honestly insane but i'll still miss this purplish little thing
  • re-learning how to take a break ... do i pause to gather strength, or do i gather strength to pause? maybe they're actually parallel. so doing nothing takes a different kind of strength
  • took a much needed break from note-taking and PKM, but also revealing my emotional fragility @ birdsite

you're telling me an ai generated this art?

A used solid state drive? You mean a sussd?

wait that's literally what this joke is about :blobCatAngryCry:​ sorry i'm a little addled today

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i would poast this to birdsite but the guy i'm vaguing is on there and he's my mutual :blobSadEyes:

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strangers to best friends except one of the prospective best friends is using his latent crush as a gravity assist like yasssssss the fanfiction writes itself

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