Pinned post, who said fuchsia can't be part of red? I'm taking you up on that challenge, right here, right now.

re: open access research 

There's a great article on how the push towards open access publishing, while well-intentioned, greatly favors western countries and wealthy, established labs without doing much to actually change the hierarchies in academia (I'm gonna scream if you can't read this because it's behind a paywall lmaooooo)

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Ah - there’s four of the Blue Angels in a turn back towards San Francisco. They are louder than they look. 😅

Listen, I don't care if its still supposed to be above 80F this week, it was below 75F today which means its officially soup season

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it's been getting pretty cold lately! summer heat really clung on until mid-september.

on the bright side: hoodie season :blobMelt:

on the less bright side: i do not have that made hoodies :blobPanic:

on the edge: more excuses to cozy up with some warmer drinks!

🚩 Checkpoint Reached! 🎉
You will restart here if you fall in battle.
It is now safe to exit.

coffee shitposting 

Well actually, coffee beans are not beans, but seeds.
What you are referring to as bean juice or bean soup is in fact seed tisane.

ARPA IN 1974: we're inventing the internet because networked comptuers are decentralized and therefore there is no single point of failure


Ideal answer: host your own damn stuff.
*Practical* answer: If cloudflare is down, people have bigger problems than not being able to access hacker twitter.

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