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time (never to late, huhu)

Hi, my name is BlackSponge, I go by Gaël in the physical life but for some reason people have trouble pronouncing it.

I am a linux nerd who likes doing things with computers, mostly programming and sysadmin but sometimes, when in an artistic mood, I also like taking photos and making videos.

I am also a god damn weeb and I enjoy cooking, so you can be expecting all of that here :catHi:

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Hello, I want to give my mom some visibility because she deserves it. She is an independent artist and writer, she paints and draws, write songs and novels. She wrote and illustrated children books, released a CD (you can listen it for free on soundcloud, published a novel and now she is selling custom hand drawn umbrellas. 🌟

If you can just have a look at her shop it will be very nice :catHi: :

Boost appreciated! 🙏

Something quite weird happened to me. I was at my dance course and one of the girl, who is like ten years younger than me, came closer to me, pinched my beard and smiled, like totally randomly in the middle of the course.
I feel like a old grandpa now.

Alright, I ordered one at my local computer store, it should be there in two days

I think my laptop charger just died :"(
(I actually hope it's just that and not something worst)

Je viens de poster quelques pics assez flamboyantes sur mon compte Diaspora* :

Ici je n'en mets que 4 pour pas flooder votre timeline avec mes humbles tentatives de capter la beauté du ciel ce soir à Pau.

#Pau #Pyrénées #ciel #nature #photo #MesPhotos

Old shoes were starting to be all crappy and stuff so I cracked and bought some new ones

Wtf I'm at the movie theatre and the movie just paused for two minutes

Aaaand it's done! Hell yeah :yeehaw:
Turns out to be not that bad

I have my final in 30min and I feel so not ready :thisisfine:

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

Hello from Brussels, here is me and my fancy socks waiting for my delayed flight

Okay so I did the first part but I am too tired to think of the second part correctly.

I haven't had the time to look at the day 4 of , let's see if I can do that before I go to bed

lyrics posting, death mention 

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