Alright, time to pack. I will be going to my parents place tomorrow, for a week or so.

I am now sitting in front of my computer, watching the void, thinking of that alternative timeline where packages are actually full featured and well documented.

I thought actix was not too bad as a web server until it can to form validation.

I went to see Alita Battle Angle yesterday, and I found it actually pretty good.
And now I want to buy the mangas.
But I don't have the money :'(

The thing is that I have to go to someone else's place because I don't have enough room in mine to knead the dough.

Totally unrelated but I really want to bake some bread. It has been too long since last time. Maybe I will do some on Friday.

I was talking with my mom on the phone and she was asking me about my day. I ended up explaining threads dead locks to her and how I encountered them. She was like "Wow that is surrealist!".
It is always interested to see how people that are not in our field of work see the things that might be totally normal for us.

Alright, time for a break. No more future hell and no more dead locked threads for today.

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