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time (never to late, huhu)

Hi, my name is BlackSponge, I go by Gaël in the physical life but for some reason people have trouble pronouncing it.

I am a linux nerd who likes doing things with computers, mostly programming and sysadmin but sometimes, when in an artistic mood, I also like taking photos and making videos.

I am also a god damn weeb and I enjoy cooking, so you can be expecting all of that here :catHi:

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Hello, I want to give my mom some visibility because she deserves it. She is an independent artist and writer, she paints and draws, write songs and novels. She wrote and illustrated children books, released a CD (you can listen it for free on soundcloud, published a novel and now she is selling custom hand drawn umbrellas. 🌟

If you can just have a look at her shop it will be very nice :catHi: :

Boost appreciated! 🙏

Spotify is recommending me a playlist called Life Sucks, don't really know how to take that

I haven't worked with simplification and vectorization in years. But I think I like the result?

Not sure if I should leave the negative space filled in, or be transparent to the flag. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

This at least, could be printed and used as a flag :bloblaugh:

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Are involved in the process (all hosted on my server) : Gitea, Drone CI, local docker registry, NextCloud.

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If anyone who likes stupid automation and latex as much as I do is interested knowing, I might have setup a very stupid build pipeline which allow me to git push, wait a bit (~30s) and see the pdf refresh it self my viewer without any latex built locally

I was playing around making a flag from Tootsite's colour scheme.

Thus Anarcho-Tootism was born :angry_laugh:

Reminder: Bail funds are not the only things you can donate to/support. Support street medics, local black-owned businesses, support black artists, support health and mental health resources for black individuals, support impartial and inclusive news journals, support food banks, education, etc.

Police brutality is a major part of systemic racism, but it doesn't end there. Love our black population and help at all levels

The 'right to be forgotten' doesn't exist for open platforms. Once data is published, it will flow free in all directions. It will be stored on someones hardware you don't have control over.

Practice good information hygiene/secop instead. DON'T publish things you potentially will regret later. You have to make decision of what is important, and what to filter out.
Things that you're okay with everyone potentially knowing, and what information you yourself feel could compromise your and/or your friends security.

That's the reality of it, wherever you think it should be like that or not.

I remade some of the Doom II textures for for anyone interested.

Sadly not completely exact, because of limited palette and a texture size of 32x32, but I'm happy with them nonetheless :blobcathappy:

I have been sorting stuff on my non work computer tonight and that brought back memories up to 5 years ago.
Now I feel all nostalgic, empty and lonely, not exactly how I wanted to be on this Saturday evening

Back to programming, it took me a while but here we are again.

Speaking of typhoon I found two photos of the same spot I went hiking twice above Kobe. The second one has been taken a few days after a massive typhoon hit Osaka.

Let's continue this journey through time, now with a selection from Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2018. This was just before a typhoon hit Tokyo.

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Research talks are a weird combination of "don't ask me any questions or I will scream" and "please for the love of god someone ask me a question I'm b eg g ing you"

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