Quelqu’un connaîtrait une solution sous KDE pour changer la sortie son générale ?
J’en ai ma claque de devoir lancer pavucontrol pour ensuite changer la sortie de chaque application à chaque fois que je veux alterner enceinte/casque…

tfw dad put Carmina Burana very loud while doing the washing up

why would you ever use [consumer oriented service] when [service that requires vastly more technical knowledge to use] exists

im opening a bakery called another one bites the crust.
i guess it could also be a fracking company

me: saves game
me: exits, game asks "save and exit or exit?"
me: saves and exits

But wine is a very good guy and allow you to browse your linux files inside a application by symlink-ing / to ~/.wine/dosdevices/z:

How nice.

But cp is following symlinks and ended up duplicating all the files from my nas over and over until there is no more space left (and ultimatly fail).

I finally understood my all the 800GB of free space on my nas have gone away. And I feel stupid but I am also mad at wine.

Yesterday I reinstalled my laptop and I did a quick backup of my home partition to an *.img file on my nas. Then I mounted the image to get the files.

But it felt like copying from the .img was not very fast so I decided to extract the file from the img and then browse them outside the img. So basically I did a simple cp.

I'll see how it goes once I'll be somehow established but for now, in a user experience point of view, Japan > Canada.

I just learnt that I need to bring all the bed stuff with me (including pillows and blankets and everything) for my dorm in Montreal. How am I supposed to take that along with my 648393 winter clothes (that will be totally useless for the next 6 months) on the plain? Meh.

@bksp Long overdue, but tootsite now has dnssec enabled

Tomorrow will be the first day in a while without an alarm to wake me up \o/

Also I am kind of surprised by the very low amount of domains having dnssec enabled

Today I learnt about dnssec signature expiration the hard way. Still I found it weird that I can't really find any documentation on that. I mean, the tutorials that I followed to setup dnssec on my domain doesn't event mention it :/
The good thing is that now I know about it and that should not happen again (well.. if I don't forget to setup the scheduled job to resign the zone)

The human body is a massively complex organic structure with the ability to perceive light and sound, sense our spatial orientation, consume nutrients to rebuild and maintain body parts, and can crate offspring

But our bodies still can't tell if we're just going to fart, or if we'll shit our pants

mastodon with all its simultaneous feeds is like a command center for doing absolutely nothing useful

Actually I don't really care too much about the speed but the quota...........

If the information I found is true once in Quebec the internet connection I will get will be around 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up, with a total capacity of 100GB. I had 100Mbps/50Mbps unmetered for five years, this will be hard.

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