I am getting tired of the whole education system thing.

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here.

I remember at the new students reception we got told that we have to participate a lot in class, create interaction. For now all the classes I had are just a teacher presenting slides during three. This is the less interactive way of teaching I have ever seen.

It's amazing how I lost all kind of motivation to revise for my next exam. I mean this class evolved from "actually interesting" to "excessively boring acronym listing". And the lack of practical examples really disappointed me, all it was at the end was just very general theoretical explanations about ramdom topics.

This is what I call a good day, blueberry muffins and bread!


@citrustwee canada is the belgium of america:
-almost entirely forgotten
-weird fatty foods
-a conspiracy by the french to hide land from another country

Thinking of dyeing my hair again. Maybe next month :3

Speaking of food, a few days ago I did some bread and I really liked the flower like shape of it, so here it is

Because those revisions (and that whole class in general) are really unpleasant actually

And it has also become my motivation to carry on my revisions for Saturday's exams

Today I bought some lemon and blueberries so I might do muffins on Sunday :blobowo:

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