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time (never to late, huhu)

Hi, my name is BlackSponge, I go by Gaël in the physical life but for some reason people have trouble pronouncing it.

I am a linux nerd who likes doing things with computers, mostly programming and sysadmin but sometimes, when in an artistic mood, I also like taking photos and making videos.

I am also a god damn weeb and I enjoy cooking, so you can be expecting all of that here :catHi:

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Hello, I want to give my mom some visibility because she deserves it. She is an independent artist and writer, she paints and draws, write songs and novels. She wrote and illustrated children books, released a CD (you can listen it for free on soundcloud, published a novel and now she is selling custom hand drawn umbrellas. 🌟

If you can just have a look at her shop it will be very nice :catHi: :

Boost appreciated! 🙏

I remade some of the Doom II textures for for anyone interested.

Sadly not completely exact, because of limited palette and a texture size of 32x32, but I'm happy with them nonetheless :blobcathappy:

I have been sorting stuff on my non work computer tonight and that brought back memories up to 5 years ago.
Now I feel all nostalgic, empty and lonely, not exactly how I wanted to be on this Saturday evening

Back to programming, it took me a while but here we are again.

Speaking of typhoon I found two photos of the same spot I went hiking twice above Kobe. The second one has been taken a few days after a massive typhoon hit Osaka.

Let's continue this journey through time, now with a selection from Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2018. This was just before a typhoon hit Tokyo.

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Research talks are a weird combination of "don't ask me any questions or I will scream" and "please for the love of god someone ask me a question I'm b eg g ing you"

I just wanna watch chinese romantic dramas on netflix I didn't ask to be a semi-functional adult with a job

People that are not chronic insomniacs don't know the delicious feeling of not only being tired but also sleepy

Ngl I feel this practise in my whole body today, especially my legs that are basically screaming at me that I have no physical condition

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Today I found the motivation to practice dancing again! I haven't really done any practices or even danced since the end of the last workshop I have attended, in January. And it felt good even if I am bad :blobmiou:

I am trying the choreography of Scream from Dreamcatcher, let's see how far I can get

Day of quarantine #23: I freaked out mistaking the blanket laid out on my couch for a living person.

I have reached the 50 pages achievement for my last assignment of this term.

And I don't know what to think of that as it is 50 pages of IT governance bullshit of an non existent company.

olive oil is healthy
you cant change my mind

mfw my teammate actually took an initiative and did a fair amount of work :ahegaocat:

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