I feel like I am developing a certain taste for kpop songs and their choreography

Omg it's almost midnight and I am just getting out of the Orakuthon! This must me the best anime convention I have been :D

Also I gotta say I really like the spirit of anime convention, I am only speaking for myself but it feels like it is one of those places where the people are letting themselves out a bit more, wearing what they want without feeling judged.

Just so you know I am the kind of no fun person who doesn't drink alcohol or smoke or whatever. And today I just got home and find my new roommate casually smoking weed with his pals in the apartment. That roommate who is staying for a year here. That's gonna be some fun

Alright, I have to say that I didn't expect those photos to receive that much interest (this is probably my most "famous" post on both here and twitter) considering that both the shooting and the editing were done in such a hurry! So thank you :blobcatheart:

@bksp happy börfday to you, let this be the most relaxing day this year!

Here are two photos that I took a couple streets away from my place some weeks ago.

Tootsite now has a new mascot (in addition to @pikachu ofc). She's called toot-chan and is drawn by @Princesspeach who did an amazing job doing so. :blobcatheart:

Shower thought 

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