I finally got myself some proper programming socks, suck it up h@ck3rs (legs in pic)

For reference, the splendid piece of art I am talking about

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I found that photo from December 2019, when there still were people in the street. Port of Barcelona at sunset.

Here are some photo I wanted to share, not sure about how some of them turned out but still.

I start with a bit of wildlife from one of the only times I got to escape the city this summer, here at Iles-de-Boucherville.

I just finished this year's advent of code, it wasn't without any difficulties but I guess having no social life helps ^^'

(if anyone is interested git.bksp.space/BlackSponge/AoC )

Photo of a street show yesterday.

Performer is Egemen Üstün.

Actually I am also gonna post that one, I did my best to try to match the :flag_bisexual: , hope you like it

It's been a while since I haven't posted some photos here so here is some of Montréal night view.

Back to programming, it took me a while but here we are again.

Speaking of typhoon I found two photos of the same spot I went hiking twice above Kobe. The second one has been taken a few days after a massive typhoon hit Osaka.

Let's continue this journey through time, now with a selection from Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2018. This was just before a typhoon hit Tokyo.

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I was sorting some photos from two years ago today (never too late) and had some fun with black and white.

I have reached the 50 pages achievement for my last assignment of this term.

And I don't know what to think of that as it is 50 pages of IT governance bullshit of an non existent company.

That's today's work so far. I think my motivation has been doing some social distancing lately :blobcatnight:

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