Selfie, eye contact 

Happy pride month ! :blobCatHeartPride: (my flatmates are gone, time to be cute)

I finally got myself some proper programming socks, suck it up h@ck3rs (legs in pic)

For reference, the splendid piece of art I am talking about

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I found that photo from December 2019, when there still were people in the street. Port of Barcelona at sunset.

Some pics of old Montreal from last week (for once I'm not too late editing those, eh)

Here are some photo I wanted to share, not sure about how some of them turned out but still.

I start with a bit of wildlife from one of the only times I got to escape the city this summer, here at Iles-de-Boucherville.

I just finished this year's advent of code, it wasn't without any difficulties but I guess having no social life helps ^^'

(if anyone is interested )

Photo of a street show yesterday.

Performer is Egemen Üstün.

Actually I am also gonna post that one, I did my best to try to match the :flag_bisexual: , hope you like it

It's been a while since I haven't posted some photos here so here is some of Montréal night view.

Back to programming, it took me a while but here we are again.

Speaking of typhoon I found two photos of the same spot I went hiking twice above Kobe. The second one has been taken a few days after a massive typhoon hit Osaka.

Let's continue this journey through time, now with a selection from Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2018. This was just before a typhoon hit Tokyo.

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I was sorting some photos from two years ago today (never too late) and had some fun with black and white.

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