Happy 1st of May, comrades :sparklesAnCom:

Intersectional solidarity between all folks disfranchised by capitalism, fuck the boss, fuck white supremacists, and all fascists serving capital. :antifa:

PoC lives matter, Queer lives matter, YOU matter. May this day be a reminder and strength to fight on for our autonomy.

I find it very cute!!
(also, cat paws in bg, nice)

food ment 

"some people just want to watch cop cars burn while eating spaghetti"


@julienxx @bortzmeyer At this rate the future might as well be "cloud browsers", and this one is sadly real: mightyapp.com/

*without playing
Six hours that I have seen that typo and I had no way to do anything about it

Also, good morning, I hope you're having a nice day~

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Not crowed airport is nice, I have been able to play (or at the very least exercise on) the public piano with limited anxiety, good thing I had some sheets with me. Still, more than a year with playing when you're already not very good is hard ^^"

@Tjiho okay merci, oué c'est un peu ce qui me gênait ^^" (surtout si tu les utilise pas)

@Tjiho okay je vais pas le refaire alors, si c'est pour le surentraîné xD

@katnjiapus seeing my peertube instance in there is kinda validating I might say

@Tjiho est-ce que tu as déjà intégré les samples que je t'avzos envoyés ? (Et est-ce tu peux configurer pour demander moins de renseignements ?)

Coucou les Mastodonautes !
Pourriez vous m'aider à enrichir mon jeu de donnée "maitre yoda" en enregistrant votre voix ici:
Plein de poutous :blobheart:


In June I will be starting a new job. I am leaving the big corporation to go work for a small/medium sized non profit, and I am quite happy about it ^^
I might add that the work condition is really nice compared to what I had before. Lots of changes lately~

Also because I will be wearing a N95 mask today, I clean shaved my beard. That also feels weird lol. I think the last time was like more than four years ago.

After two years in Montreal, today I am moving back to France, it feels kinda weird. I guess I'll see you all in CEST

mastodon OS:

all processes in mastodon OS are toots that are sent to other instances

they are subsequently added to a federated blockchain where the computations are completed and then sent back to the server as a reply. To get consensus in the blockchain, other servers retoot it and add it to their blockchain and favourites when they have also computed it and the hashes match

this will revolutionise the way we think about data

I've attached a clip from the conference explaining more the highlights of the technology

re: food 

@cryptoxic I have been using veggie ground (although not this particular one) in spaghetti for a little while too and I approve that! I usually cook it with passata, a few courgettes, onions and ground coriander, simple and good.

@laughwhilecrying Yes I think that to, expect that, maybe, as long as they don't have long distance communications we might still stand a chance. Because their tiny size it would take considerable time to coordinate attacks at different location at the same time if they had to walk. (Or maybe they already have that and I didn't know, in this case I guess we should pray that they continue not paying attention to us)

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