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(in the end I didn't find any appropriate image header 😢 )

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For reference, the splendid piece of art I am talking about

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I have just finished writing a blog post (that one yearly blog post lmao). I want to do a good header pictured now but I don't know if I will be able to match last year level

Just upgraded to @peertube v3.0.0, everything is now smooth and running 🥳

I found that photo from December 2019, when there still were people in the street. Port of Barcelona at sunset.

2021! we made it 🎉

happy new year friends

Nouveau serveur peertube en place :)
Les miroirs lemonde, broute et lastweektonight sont de nouveau à jour !

My entire experience watching shows on Netflix has just been:
1) find a really cool show to watch
2) get invested in the plot and characters
3) the show introduces a love triangle
4) :angery:

Blessing your feed today with some pictures of the forests I've been able to walk in.

If this smell and noise it does when you walk on moss doesn't make me happy, then, I don't know what does. 😭

It's been a long time I haven't been able to go walk there tho. And I miss it very much.
There's a forest behind my mom's flat and I always go there for a big hours long hike with doggo when I visit her. But it's been less since pandemic. 😭

#forest #photography

Just realized that I failed to make a thread, that's how bad I am at social media apparently. But I am too lazy to delete and repost correctly now --"

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(sorry of the spam, I'm done for today :blobangel:​ )

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