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:tootsiteAmelie:​: Tootsite is a Programming Socks [:programmingSocks:]​ approved instance :sparklesBi:​​

(:retootOk::retootPlz:) Well would you look at that, I did a thing. :blobCockatiel:

I wanted to see if I could do "high-res spiriting", and I think it turned out well. Was really fun to work with too :blobCatHappy:

(CW: Picture contains cartoon blood)

Edit: Fixed up the preview (thanks @bonzoesc)

my landlord wakes up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night and flicks on the light so see me, perched on her dresser and eating dry ramen noodles. I shove a handful in my mouth and ask: "hey why isn't my february rent cheaper than the other months? there's 2 whole days missing, what's up with that?"

:tootsiteAmelie:​: "Big Bi Energy" is basically in a nutshell

Did some attempts today on making some mashups with the Norwegian flag and some selected LGBTQ ones. I think the NOR-variants turned out really nice :blobCatHappy:


I finally got myself some proper programming socks, suck it up h@ck3rs (legs in pic)

(Boosting some of my mom's songs, check them out if you feel to)

I had an really random shower though yesterday with the whole sea shanties being a thing for a while. So I doodled this

If @namtari ever hosts a tracker, I got the logo at least :angry_laugh:​


(in the end I didn't find any appropriate image header 😢 )

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For reference, the splendid piece of art I am talking about

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I have just finished writing a blog post (that one yearly blog post lmao). I want to do a good header pictured now but I don't know if I will be able to match last year level

Just upgraded to @peertube v3.0.0, everything is now smooth and running 🥳

I found that photo from December 2019, when there still were people in the street. Port of Barcelona at sunset.

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