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Is there such thing as too many Hawai'ian shirts in my closet? The answer may surprise you.

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Aloha. I'm bxtn, a resident techno-wizard. Yes, that means I live up to the stereotype of running GNU/Linux on a Thinkpad. I also play table-top role-playing games; mostly Pathfinder though that old-school revival is interesting.

DANGER: spews inane bullshit every hour on the hour. Handle with care. If you get @bxtn on your skin or eyes, flush the affected area immediately. If you are allergic to @bxtn or are pregnant, consult your doctor.

Imagine writing your own string scanner for Elisp.

(let ((ss (string-scanner :string "Fri Dec 12 1975 14:39")))
(cl-loop while (not (ss-eosp ss))
collect (ss-scan ss "[0-9]+")))

;; => ("12" "1975" "14" "39")

there already are popular modules that use EIEIO like Magit and Helm. That means there's object-oriented voodoo going on in there.

Oh no! A dreaded Monte Carlo unit test! Will it pass or will it fail? Run it again and place your wagers, gentlemen!

Gopher protocol hot take:

HTM is an acceptable format. The problems with the Web don't stem from choice in format or protocol; just how their use gets butchered.

Oh no! I really am being punished for my sins! I'm stuck here listening to my grandparents' country music!

Jerry realizes that doesnt know his new partner's pronouns and hatches schemes to find them out. George loses his job after his boss finds out that he posted cringe. Kramer becomes a famous twitch streamer

the hard way you don't store fountain pens nib-side-down unless you want the cartridge to empty its contents into your cap and all over your paper.

"Oh dear. This is the part where he kills us."

"This is the part where I kill you!"

[Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You]

Survey says: ruins like statistical ass. Should look into a small-form-factor video card (and with Linux support, hah) before making ill-advised purchases.

hello everynyan!!

over the last few weeks, i've been working on the sega genesis version of the xband modem - an early network multiplayer service. i got a barebones server implemented and worked around some voip-related latency issues, and last night i managed to get a game of mortal kombat 2 working.

i'll be posting more about this and also contributing a lot of documentation to the folks over at, so if you're interested, check them out

here's a video of getting connected and in-game

I always found it funny and sad how little self-control people have whenever a Steam sale goes around and people grab their crotch and go "Ow, my wallet!".

And then I found out you can use PayPal for this stuff. It's like me with Bandcamp all over again!

The web shouldn't be :chrome:​ based. The web shouldn't be dictated by :google:

The world wide web belongs to its users, not some corporate masters. :ablobsigh:

Time to play the hit sequel "Will Portal 2 Work on My Compy?"

WHY did someone have to remind me of that live-action Rocky & Bullwinkle movie?

Oh dear. What if they remake it? :AAAAAA:

Better yet, who here's even following someone from there to even warrant Tootsite federating with it?

What a beautiful evening on Mastodon! Let's take a stroll through the federated timeli-

"CW: NFSW, loli, incest, media marked as sensitive"

That's enough Internet for one lifetime.

Forgot that my drawing tablet's drawing area is wide enough to encompass all monitors.

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