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anti-autistic ableism 

told that guy in my class about why the term Asperger's is so problematic and he said we need a new term, as if the problem with sorting autistic people into "good ones" and "bad ones" was just who was doing it

editing a toot, not cancelling, and then deleting and redrafting gives me a 404 when trying to send my redrafted toot

i did a little bit of MIDI stuff earlier for a c++ project and read some of the RtMidi demos

they should make rust but with classes

me when c++ adds a third way to do the same thing

post with formatting 

reject modernity Rust go back to tradition C++

oh how we laughed and laughed, except i wasn't laughing :aSusEjected:

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Q: Why are Fox News hosts like hypervisors?
A: Because they're always interrupting their guests.
(src: , u/kwan_e)

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Q: What is a Disney lawyer's most favorite Windows command?

ipconfig /renew

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expensive videogame hardware 

celeste skirt with pockets

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