No idea why, because I have a brown thumb, but I want an indoor lemon tree.

Anyone have a good mnemonic device for remember copy/append to hold/pattern space in sed?

The turing pi 2 kickstarter is live, if anyone was looking at a 4 socket backplane for RPi CM4, Nvidia Jetson, or potentially Turing's own SBC using a Rockchip.

I was way more productive yesterday, both at work and at home, than a Monday warrants. I should have gotten a warp to Wednesday.

How do creators do this? I thought my Amila / Torin meet a Drider installments were pretty OK. But a post about being lazy enough that I'll eat kiwi skins out interacted it. So weird.

cursed stream of conciousness video game idea 

Call of Duty: War of the Future Past
The Brotherhood of Mutants finds a silver Delorian with gullwing doors and travels back in time to assassinate Sarah Conner, the Arch Duke of Austria's mother. A tangled web of treaties drags all of Europe into war where the hotest contention is over the Ukranian seaboard. Narcissistic megalomaniacs in the West call it a World War despite countries outside of the West only sending troops because imperialism is fucky like that.

Companies: I know, let's do remote work and push off office costs to employees (and via deductions the state). It's flexible work so it'll work fine.
Also companies: How do we know if people are getting their work done? We can't see their bright, happy faces at their desk, chatting in the hallways and the breakroom anymore. I know, let's implement a repressive regime of metrics and attendance policies that mimics the office.

I watched the Cure Dolly video on んです turning actions into copula statements. I believe I may know enough to express a famous phrase by the Western philosopher Kant

It is that I exist because I think.

kiwi skin being edible 🤝 me being lazy
eating kiwi slices with the skin on

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@cryptoxic you're thinking of hyperaccumulators:

The article you linked to had a bad headline. They expected the seeds to sprout. Some had stunted roots and a reddish color; their purpose was to study gene expression in plants grown in the soil, not to see if they could grow.

Amila didn't hear Torin start moving. Still without looking back she chided him, "You didn't seem to mind the Driders in the forest."

She imagined Torin jumping a little and looking in five directions at once. A moment later his voice came, slightly higher than usual, "What do you mean?"

"Some of them build nests in dead falls. They trap rodents that wander too near. We saw at least one between Shady Glade and here. See, nothing to fear since you've already braved this."

The talking was good. It would warn the Drider ahead that they were approaching. Amila, normally light footed, didn't do anything to conceal her footfalls either. The extra sound and vibrations being yet more signals of where they were.

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I got distracted, I was actually looking for a news story from quite a while back. I remember there was a plant that was able to extract a mineral that was normally bad for plants from soil that contained high amounts of it. I thought it was Lithium. I cannot find the story now, perhaps it was another mineral.

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Scientists sprouted seeds in lunar soil. Is this actually anything? I mean, don't seeds sprout in any medium that keeps them moist enough to germinate? They contain the extra nutrients they need to sprout in the seed itself. Hence the paper towel and water treatment that elementary schools do...

Why'd they call them bear-iers when they could have gone with fennec-fences?

Torin lowered the looking glass and turned, face bloodless "What was that?"

Amila chuckled at the young run-away's sudden loss of bravado. "That is a drider. Some of them seem drawn to large arching infrastructure like the bridge ahead. They usually set up webs in the substructure or superstructure to catch birds that fly through. They hardly ever bother anyone on the bridge."

Torin shook his head not looking convinced, eyes on the bridge again.

"Look, they're as scared of you as you are of them. As long as we don't surprise them or back them into a corner they'll leave us alone." And with that Amila started walking towards the bridge, not looking back to see if the lad followed.

Relative humidity is a terrible concept for trying to guage how it's going to feel outside. I wish dew point had caught on with the common person.

Relative humidity fluctuates based on the current temperature while dew point does not. Thus a dew point of 70F (21C) will always feel yuck whether it is 75F (24C) or 90F (32C). What does the RH do for that range? Varies so widely I can't be bothered to remember. Do yourself a favor and use the superior metric and convince others to also use the superior metric.

in b4 fake units... Want to talk about a fake unit, % is the real fake unit. Divide by an arbitrary 100? Not even a sane 10^(3n) value.

For being a great ~thief~ err, treasure hunter, Locke is sure easily stopped by locks in FFVI...

Even though we deal with three dimensions, when modeling that with mathematics the problem can almost always be framed such that one of the dimensions can be ignored. Would interactions in higher dimensions still be able to be reduced to two dimensions, or is it only feasible to remove a single dimension with framing?

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The current ideological landscape around computing of “we MUST have end-to-end cryptography, except for economic exchanges, where it’s only for drug dealers“ is something that people should really work into making sense out of imho

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