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what do you call someone without mastodon? 

Socially destitoot.

:drakeLikeFalse: companies and CEOs weighing in on bullshit social legislation
:drakeLikeTrue: shareholders weighing in on bullshit company exec compensation

It's been 20yrs and I still love Darude's Sandstorm. Unrelated, happy Wednesday! :aSparklesRainbow: :blobHeart:

"CEOs are expensive? Sounds like a good target for automation."

Oh wow, that's a surprise... I saw Legalize Psychedelics and assumed this was a Soho Forum debate, as free market advocates they seem more willing to take on a broader range of topics. But it turns out this is an IQ2US debate, which normally sticks to more conservative/mainstream topics. time...

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates: Legalize Psychedelics podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/c

mh: body image 

Self percieved body image 95% of the time vs the 2 hours after lifting...

Otaco soup - revered/honorable taco soup
Otaku soup - soup made with nerds


Hey , is there a default keymap like `gf` to open binary files from vim with the file's/extension's associated program? Looking for something that essentially runs `xdg-open|open|start <filename-under-cursor>` and let's vim return to doing it's thing...

uspol, religion 

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that US conservatives against trans rights are just afraid that they're going to be attracted to someone with the same sex organs they have and then are going to be condemned to a fiery eternity by their "loving" God.

Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in buying one of these ultimate Gameboys? They have a IPS screen, USB-C charging and a new case. I'd probably be able to make them to order I think

Half of my casement windows crank clock-wise to open and half clock-wise to close... o_0

uspol: ip ethics, covid 

Market Place did some reporting on the potential of tjw WTO temporarily waiving patents on the vaccine, they don't mention supply chain as a problem. They do mention manufacturing trade secrets, not covered by the patent and not required to be shared if waived, as a problem. Ffs...


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Finally watched the 10yr remix Rebecca Black did of her song Friday. Apparently in 10yrs she has learned that sex sells and that she sounds better through autotune. It took a song that was funny bad and made it just bad.

> The FDA moves to ban menthol cigarettes. Civil rights advocates, among others, support the move.

As someone who hates the smell of cigarette smoke, this seems like overreach and the opposite of civil liberties. The article even stated that ads have been targeting the African American community. Why not ban tobacco advertising? I don't worry about going the Thanksgiving and watching TV with family and seeing a bunch of sex toy ads, so there's precedent for it.

Re tobacco and vaping flavors only being aimed at kids: have you, or someone you know, ever had cotton candy vodka or maple bourbon? It's not just kids who partake in these flavors, they are novelties that can be enjoyed by adults.

This move seems regressive at the federal level at a time when states are opening up to marijuana for medical and recreational use. And my first take on this story is that the solution hasn't even looked at the problem or the history of prohibition.


Unexplainable explores phages as tool for dealing with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Listening to the epi makes it sound like an out right replacement for antibiotics, which is what most stories I hear on phages sound like. But the prev post in this thread explores using phages in concert with antibiotics...

A virus that could heal people chtbl.com/track/524GE/traffic.

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Someone remind me tonight to order the replacement board for my ubports ce before the deal ends. 😱

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