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As far as I can tell, for the first time watching as a sub, it seems that Unit 1 is using the kun reading (hito) for 1. But I am completely ignorant of the relation of cardinals to ordinals at this point, and that could potentially account for not recognizing anything when Unit 1 is mentioned.

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anime, NGE rewatch, probably spoilers 

When I realized that Rei was a homophone for a reading of zero, I though that she not only piloted unit 0, but also meant nothing to anyone one. I completely forgot the scene where comander Ikari burned his hands trying to manually eject the plug. I don't really know how to square that with later revelations.

It's not anything I had considered before, but since bluetooth can be used to control the TV I decided to try hooking a bluetooth headset up to it. This is fantastic. I can kill my eardrums while Bae is napping in the other room.

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streaming service feature idea: stream the vocal track separate from the sfx/musical tracks and allow the gain on the two to be controlled independently by the user.

Government agencies really are inept. NOAA promised me a blizzard today but instead delivered what looks like spring. Spring is still 3 weeks away you fools! Where is my blizzard?!

What does fish offer that CTRL-R and aliases/functions on bash doesn't?

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I don't understand the excitement to return to restaurants in my area. All the eateries here are chains that are a step up from fast food. In the roughly year since things got shutdown it would have been pretty easy to develop recipes that should make eating at these places a disappointment.

It makes me wonder if the recipe development I do is uncommon. If a recipe is good enough to try again, I note what I want to do differently next time (sometimes mentally sometimes physically on the recipe). I keep doing that until I hit that divine moment of "this belongs in the Star Fleet food replicator."

The type of restaurant I will be excited to eventually return to will be like this little, family owned dive bar where the Korean matron of the family does her recipes as a menu special. I can't tell you how authentically Korean the food is, but it's authentically delicious. Franchised chains, on the other hand, not worth it.


I had to listen to gamestop stock for 3 weeks but Biden bombs Syria and the silence from my news sources on this is deafening.

I recently learned about list comprehension (above) and generator expressions in . I really like them. I figured that it would be about the same in the sum statement above, but a quick test shows that generator expression is the way to go so revise to below to use less memory...

sum( (1/k for k in range(int(1E6), int(1E7)) ) # ~2.3
sum( (1/k for k in range(int(1E7), int(1E8)) ) # also ~2.3

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I saw a math question does the sum of 1/k for natural numbers k=1,inf converge?

My first thought was that they must, as 1/k approaches 0 pretty quickly. To test my assumption I turned to and was surprised by the result...

sum( [1/k for k in range(int(1E6), int(1E7)]) # ~2.3
sum( [1/k for k in range(int(1E7), int(1E8)]) # also ~2.3

Very much not what I expected!

This episode talks a lot of things, but none of them are python... The Fermi paradox. Why NASA has been avoiding certain sites on Mars. The magical mix of oxygen and methane that Sagan thought might indicate life. Magnetic fields as necessary for life. Manufactured universes. It's definitely worth a listen, even if you don't use python.

Talk Python To Me: #276 Geekout: Life in the solar system and beyond

Alright, I figured out how to push a repo to source hut. I had a very PEBCAK moment. Checkout the simple 50 lines to turn art into 💩 over at

Now that I have figured out the sharing part, maybe I can look into the suggestion for improving the results.

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that rei means zero in japanese, which is a homophone for Ayanami Rei who piloted Eva Unit 0 from NGE.

Well, this is both fascinating and terrifying:

This is honestly like turning the crank on a meat grinder backwards and having that work so well that that cows just mosey out of it under their own power. It is astounding.

I was watching Dr Stone and got to the episode that mentions line and cilantro taste like cola. I had wondered why the open cola recipe didn't actually have any cola nut. Now I might know, but this seems too insane to not test some day.

My apologies to @davidrevoy for ruining another illustration. But this one seems to hit more of the theme's pallet.

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I had a strange thought about what if my wallpaper could closer match the theme I use. Which led to an attempt at writting a program for dithering to a custom pallet. So here is a illustration dithered to the pallet using and via pyside6.

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