What tools and workflow(s) do programmers use on to test programs, test bug reports, and find the issue in source?

If you run a service like mastodon:
1. How much is your operating cost?
2. How much is your operating cost including what you would have been paid if this was a full time job?
3. How many users does your service have?

It's strange how easy the perception of increased price was formed while forgetting to take into account the changes in our routine.

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My household has been using the same rolling 4 week mealplan since well before the pandemic started. We have rarely eaten out over the past few years. So our food spending has been fairly stable.

We've had the feeling that our grocery bill has increased under the pandemic. But as I am looking at it I'm not sure that's true:
* I think generally we're ending up with more extras (snacks and staples)
* We're doing a better job at getting everything in one run (no more 4days/wk single item runs)

I'm not sure when it happened, but I see modifying lists on has been fixed. Now I can update my list for posters with high signal-to-noise ratios. After that I just need to remember to use them...

Have I mentioned that how windows console does tab completion is terrible? Bash fills in common characters and then lists your choices, it'll even warn you if the list is going to be stupid long. Windows just fills in the first option and tab through. 😑

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The reason cp automatically handles directories while rm doesn't? Because the best alias for pulling up your graphical file manager will eventually be mistyped as rm.

Tfw you right-click a group of windows to close all and there are so many that Windows stalls trying to populate the filename/title list...

telescope. The gravity, once emitted, is independent of the source.

In fact, right now we must be pulled to where the Sun used to be 8min ago. Does that mean that astrophysicists have to take the time for gravity to act into their equations? - 2/2

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Since gravitational wave detections use telescope observations to coroborate findings, that means gravity also obeys the speed of light. If the Sun were to instantly vanish, the Earth would still curve around it for the same 8min it takes light to get here.

At first this seems really strange. Why would something no longer there still affect other bodies? But I guess it's not all that different than a photon travelling a billion years from a supernova to smash into a sensor on a - 1/2

I don't get what's going on with the hackadayU stuff. The kicad/freecad video is pre-recorded, and I would like to check it out. But since I didn't register (bc release time and office hours don't work for me) I can't. Seems strange.

In a way I am upset DarkSky sold out to Apple. And in a way it will force me to look up an app that is more accurate than "no rain today" in the morning before work to "HAHA, jk rain from 10-22h" at 11h

Meditating with eyes open is next level hard... 👀

Daily mindfulness card: what is an act of self-compassion and self-care that you can take today that is neither self-denial nor self-indulgence?

I was now years old when I learned the word shibboleth.

Suddenly xkcd.com/806 had a new layer to enjoy, I just thought it was jibberish prepended to leet before. :blobshrug:

on covid, 45, & ecofascism 

Oh, it's probably worth mentioning that the game only takes like 30-60min to play. I was chatting with bae and typing up story moves for the game play on a phone kbd. I should have gotten a laptop, but I'm a dummy.

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felt the warlock start to reach for the disciples life to power a spell. I had to act instantly, I used life force of the nature around us to block the charging portion of the spell and then took the disciples' life myself, casting the same spell the warlock tried to use. My adversary is done, their reign of tyranny over.

And that concludes a solo-adversary play through of Call to Adventure.


toot.site/media/HqI-cO9frTQjzX - 3/3

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the warlock's keep and found them. As it started to become apparent I had the upperhand, they sprang a magical trap that allowed them to disengage and escape. During our second duel, when things started to look dire for my foe they called upon their strongest disciple to stand instead while fleeing again. When I faced the warlock a third time, I was ready to end it. Face-to-face with my foe and their disciple at the same time. The warlock, having fled twice knew I was stronger. I - 2/3

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