I had a strange thought about what if my wallpaper could closer match the theme I use. Which led to an attempt at writting a program for dithering to a custom pallet. So here is a illustration dithered to the pallet using and via pyside6.


My apologies to @davidrevoy for ruining another illustration. But this one seems to hit more of the theme's pallet.

Alright, I figured out how to push a repo to source hut. I had a very PEBCAK moment. Checkout the simple 50 lines to turn art into 💩 over at git.sr.ht/~cryptoxic/dumb-dith

Now that I have figured out the sharing part, maybe I can look into the suggestion for improving the results.

@cryptoxic Hehe, no problem; I like watching experimentations 🙂

Maybe a tool that could give you smoother results could be the filter Equalize HSI/HSL/HSV of GMIC (in colors) pixls-discuss.s3.dualstack.us- ; it can do variation of color by range from the darker to the brighter and you can also offset; tone down, etc... Maybe a pass like this before a decimation of color could give less issue of large chroma area merging with each other.

@davidrevoy it would be nice if the boundaries were smoother.

I see QImage has some transformations and a colorspace/table attribute. But that I don't know what any of that means. Now at least I have some terminology to go look up. Thanks for the great sources to mess with and share!

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