virus, food, disappointment in humans 

I don't understand the excitement to return to restaurants in my area. All the eateries here are chains that are a step up from fast food. In the roughly year since things got shutdown it would have been pretty easy to develop recipes that should make eating at these places a disappointment.

It makes me wonder if the recipe development I do is uncommon. If a recipe is good enough to try again, I note what I want to do differently next time (sometimes mentally sometimes physically on the recipe). I keep doing that until I hit that divine moment of "this belongs in the Star Fleet food replicator."

The type of restaurant I will be excited to eventually return to will be like this little, family owned dive bar where the Korean matron of the family does her recipes as a menu special. I can't tell you how authentically Korean the food is, but it's authentically delicious. Franchised chains, on the other hand, not worth it.

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