My apologies to @davidrevoy for ruining another illustration. But this one seems to hit more of the theme's pallet.

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I had a strange thought about what if my wallpaper could closer match the theme I use. Which led to an attempt at writting a program for dithering to a custom pallet. So here is a illustration dithered to the pallet using and via pyside6.

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I give unto you supper: blackened chicken thighs and cheesy broccoli casserole.

Haven't seen it in a while and thought the truth deserved another circulation...

I want this split compliment to work, but I just don't think it does.

After understanding the warlock's power, I was concerned that conditions might not allow the price for certain spells to be used. At least not in a way I was willing to pay. I sought out the nature goddess. Natural magic had done much for me on my journeys, surely the source would see my desire to defend nature and help.

With the benediction of a goddess, I raced home to confront the warlock. No longer to be hunted, I sought my destiny like an arrow shot from a bow.

I broke into - 1/3

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Amid increasing persistance from the patrols, I set out for another land. Hoping that if destiny wouldn't, then distance might provide perspective for my next step. On my travels, I met up with another adventurer. They were seeking the assistance of a queen the help repel an invading force. More familiar with the invading force style, I lent my experience and helped formulate a battle plan. The adventurer, armed with a fierce determination and a winning strategy, was able to - 1/3

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My home burnt and a wanted man in the city, I hide in the warlock's forest. Amidst dodging patrols to keep poachers, and eventually specifically hunting me, I worked rituals learned from the forest spirits to remove the warlock's blight from the land and pushed back their influence. I can feel the strength of the land and plants returning. Perhaps not all is lost and this can be the close of a dark chapter. I will have to face down the warlock to end this...

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In an attempt to prevent the warlock's cronies from taking unreasonably high taxes I started a militia. Unfortunately our training was no match for the city guards. Our ranks broke and scattered. As I was regrouping, the magistrate showed up at my house to arrest me. I barely fought my way out. If I hadn't kicked over my lamp, setting my home on fire, I don't think I would have escaped.

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I started casing the warlock's library, seeking information about layout and studying the guard patrols. One of the people I questioned must have told them. The day I planned on going the patrols were completely different. Even worse, the warlock's emissary was waiting at the entrance to the arcana section. After today, the warlock will need a new emissary to follow me. I made it and learned some of the warlock's secrets.

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Not wanting to return home defeated and empty handed, I sought out the forest spirits. Deep in the heart of the woods, where roads had given way to game trails, I found a clearing encircled by a single great tree's knotted roots. The spirits tended the plant life, gently shaping landscapes, healing ailing plants, and encouraging growth. I spent months watching, practicing, and learning those careful arts of life and balance.

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Things were looking good, I had impressed my perspective mentor and she agreed to take me in. However, unbeknownst to me, the warlock had me followed and their emissary convinced my would be mentor to kick me out on my ear.

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Playing Call to Adventure in solo-adversary mode. Today I am a Plato inspired sophist-leader disastisfied with the status quo. I am destined to face the cruel warlock tyrant, whom subverts nature to their will, and [hopefully] bring about a new era of peace, discovery, and compassionate governance via sophist Republic (minus all that class selection stuff that I seem to recall from the dialogue).

Still been playing with Python/Qt. I now have a simple, reusable UI for a file parser. Including a progress bar for user feedback during long runs.

Compared to the frustrated end to my previous forays into GUI programming, this has been a lot of fun. And I really like what it turned into.

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Since I am airing my inability to draw... I drew a little comic from something that happened a few weeks back.

Do comics count as ?

I doodled a thing. I used some drawing of a hooded, eye patched bear wielding a sword as a reference (image searched odin bear of ddg). But my version looked far too friendly, even with the scowl. So I grabbed a real picture of a roaring bear and I am fairly tickled with the result. Especially since "I can't draw."

"Trump has a small personal financial interest in Sanofi, the French drugmaker that makes Plaquenil, the brand-name version of hydroxychloroquine [the malaria drug he keeps touting as a treatment]."


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