@laughwhilecrying oooh! what are you researching in there?

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Wow. From what I see...
Community: forget Minsky, 40yrs of inappropriate behavior!
RMS: some call me tone deaf, sorry about Minsky


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@JordiGH i must have missed the latest episode, link me?

Part of this is me feeling this out... is there anything else I can/should do?

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Rather that just scream into the void I tried to politely point it out. I am unsure how to read the response. But I have tried, and now have documentation so if it continues at least there's evidence?

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Company HR email blast: we're doing diveristy training
Literally minutes later in a meeting.....
Person: I couldn't find my headset this morning
Middlemanagement: Person is getting old! Havin' senior moments!
Me: *facepalm*

Vaccine 2nd dose - day after and my reaction is pretty similar to the first dose. Sore arm and headache. Headache, and meh weather, was a good reason to watch Attack on Titan and doze today, so there's that.

I made one bad substitution on the shopping list bc I didn't know what the ingredient was for. I am getting soooo much flak for it. Next time Bae sends me shopping I am making ridiculous substitutions.
Oh, the list says bananas? How about plantains?
Green olives? They had this jar of just pimento...
Greek yogurt? Try cream cheese.

Klingon death howl, but as the DMX bark, for the passing on Earl Simmons.

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@laughwhilecrying I can respect that. Just remember that Trent Reznor once said he didn't want to be like Gene Simmons dressing up like a clown and dancing around for other's entertainment...

Come on, toot fam. Is that 鈽濓笍 really who you think the best Simmons is or are you just trolling me?

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Bae shared a DMX story with me. I'm not sure if it's canonical, but it's good...

As a child he saw a butterfly in his grandmother's garden. He chased it around her backyard, trampling plants and eventually caught the butterfly, eventually killing it. DMX claimed he didn't see another butterfly for 20 years, as if in punishment for killing that beauty.

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Which is the best Earl?

Which is the best Grey?

Which is the best Simmons?

@Azure not NWS, they are Distributed Association of Meteorological Predictions.

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@Azure i am not sure I follow this distinction. I thought Google had access to the API and reimplemented based on that. So if Oracle had a ToS or EULA that said no reverse engineering, that would have covered them?

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@streetlight my understanding was this wasn't about making a client, it was about re-implementation. Something about this seems like it was a step further than the old implement a kernel from the unix documentation. I am not hearing any of the old Linux history being brought up in reference to this.

scotus, #programming 

Since SCOTUS ruled that APIs can't be copyrighted, does that mean that "no reverse engineering" clauses in EULAs are not enforceable?

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