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Lately I am feeling a lot of love for . It's is a pdf (and maybe image) viewer that will render markdown files. Under the accessibility menu it can invert colors, which was OK but images of console output were bright. But then I noticed that I could set light and dark colors. So I set the light color to Solarized Base03 and the dark color to Solarized Base0 and now I have solarized-dark themed pdfs and local markdown files. :blobCatHeart:

relistening to Philosophize This! episodes 58 and 59 and am digging the ethics talk.

I have never wanted to play a young deontologist monk fresh out in the world with a DM prepared to exploit that against the party so much.

Note to self: you tried to change Firefox profiles, to get chat to twitch to work (it didn't), if you thing FF forgot you try using the ProfileManager.

Well rested Wednesday is upon us! Happy midweek, friends. Remember the Stoic gawds won't give you a challenge you're not capable of handling.

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In my second bought of RTFM in 24hrs, I learned that has a --no-video switch that I have been wanting but somehow failed to look for in the usage blurb. My only defense is that I was too busy being flooded by info from the manpage and wondering why --really-quiet from the terminal section wasn't doing the trick.

I wonder if the same 100 to 1 return on pandemic preparedness (had it actually been done) will hold true when reviewing weatherizing estimates against the FEMA relief.

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Interesting that the Texas Tribune article I found highlighted an ERCOT quote that made it seem like damaged wind turbines were at fault for some of the shortfall but NPR had a quote of someone saying renewables were running at expected capacity and that the energy short fall was because the fossil fuel plants had not been weatherized.

3hrs before alarm: wake up from anxiety dream
2hrs before alarm: sweep heaving cat to linoleum for vomit
1hr before alarm: give up and read in bed
5min before alarm: finally get sleepy
alarm: wake up to ereader not yet gone into sleep mode

is Tuesday over yet?

I saw that announced 20.10 on F-droid (maybe from the newpipe repo) but that would only show me 20.1. I had to uninstall and then fdroid would show two new versions as available. Is it typical to need to re-install apps when moving from the official to a 3rd party repo?

I just learned about the 2Byr of continental drift in 40sec animation. It is fascinating. Beyond the really obvious question of how they estimate land mass locations I have a burning question: the land masses appear to reverse rotation/course several times during the animation, what do scientists think causes this?

uspol impeachment 

Trump's defence seems to be trying to obtain acquittal by using sonic torture to bore jurors to death by playing the same word for 20min.

When I try to share from to I just get dumped to the TL with no editing and no link. I can share from AntennaPod to other apps (in fact I share to a messenger and copy-paste to fedilab). And sharing from Firefox to fedilab works as expected. I'm not sure which program might be at issue. Anyone else experiencing this?

Fedilab 2.37.1
AntennaPod 2.1.2
(But I believe the issue has persisted across multiple releases of both apps)


Democrat leadership: we can walk and chew gum at the same time
House managers: and we're done early today
Democrat leadership: let's see, 3PM... Adjourn the Senate early? *eyebrow waggle*

story-telling/consuming meta ramble

I don't know why this is, but I am a grump about having to slough through opening origin stories. I am trying to understand why this might be.

There are things like Wheel of Time or King Killer Chronicle where I don't feel like I am reading an origin story. Perhaps I only feel this way because there is never really a cut away it doesn't feel origin-esque. It is the story at hand.

Maybe that's where the annoyance originates (yeah I said it) when origin stories are told at the beginning of a story but are separate. Partitioned from, and with little influence over, the rest of the actions the character takes.

In a lot of cases, I think doling out tidbits of early character development works better. It allows focus on the plot at hand, keeps the character from being a complete open book, and doesn't over burden the reader with irrelevant details.

Me: I felt my lips ripple like a Simpson
Bae: that's funny
Me: No wait, I felt my mouth tentacles ripple like a mindflayer
Bae: that's creepy


God, if you can hear me, please send bourbon

If you find me saying insensitive things and what not, please do correct me. I'm a work in progress and I am far from perfect. I make a lot of mistakes and would like to correct them before they become problematic.

Using the coldest weekend of the winter to re-season my cast iron and carbon steel pans. It's a great excuse to run the oven up to 500F and have at least one warm room in the house...

Trying safflower oil this time.

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