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Anyone here playing btw and eager to play/hang//theorycraft/whatevs?

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I'm blatantly reposting this on here, because it is beautiful
validation and hope instead of toxic positivity

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if you are literally anywhere in the world, boosts Show more

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on a mission to change my (sleeping/procrastination) habits and make 2019 the year of years.

To Be Continued

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Hello ,
I switched to here to post more general stuff (was kind of discouraged to do so because the other instance is for gamedev related stuff).
I like to ramble about almost anything. Favourite music, photos, videos, (bad) jokes, sports, daily life - basically everything I did and do on birdsite.

Uh yeah - let's have a nice time together, I guess!

I think @namtari will like this opinion:
Thijs (Dutch HS streamer) just said Swedish is kinda a mix between Dutch and German. :blob_cat_peek:

If you have never played any of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series games, why are you still breathing

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Went out to take some snapshots nearby, having another go with using my sunglasses as a filter. · #photography

I understand you are full grown human adult, but no I insist you are not allowed to shit in my garden

Î wanna do interesting shit, not this boring shit I do every day

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Just found this awesome GB ROM maker that is super simple to use. Games made on it can be played in a browser, emulator, or probably a flash cart.

Even though it is limited as far as what kind of game you can make with it, the program is open source and can be improved upon by the community.

Here is a game that the author (Chris Maltby) made with the tools that are included with the software.

#opensource #gameboy #gamedev #gbstudio

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listen up kid 'cause here's the deal
you got less game than the coochie seal
pull on your jorts 'cause
i won't make this short 'cause
i got a lot to say here, i feel

if he knew masto would be where you frequented
i reckon daddy gargon never would have invented it
posting all the time (what)
getting fucking slimed (what)
when you're this easy to gnome there is no tension

selfies with a CW no one bothers to click
people'd rather look at posts made of shit
coming to the replies on your latest bit
all the replies are like "chief, this ain't it"

the local bars and clubs are filled with shite music and people I don't want to converse with, what is this city :pepehands:

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elon musk would fit perfectly on fedi, he just has too many sheep

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I don't know, but maybe we shouldn't be teaching our kids that there are no limits for cars?

anyways, night folks,
want to seize the day tmrw, go hiking and take some pretty rad photos

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