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pc specs 

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC (delivery still due)
Intel i9-10850K @ 10x3,6GHz
ROG-STRIX Z490-E Gaming
970 Evo Plus 2TB SSD (M2 NVMe)
970 Evo 1TB SSD (M2 NVMe)
32GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 C16
Corsair HX750i (PSU)
NZXT H710i Tower

mainboard, GPU, RAM and tower support RGB, so it's going to be at least a little bit fancy :blob_cat_peek:​

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Information Society, Deathy 2016 (Pt1) 

Information Society
Deathy, 2016

information addicted
mind fragmented
quicker searched
quickest forgotten

our body's present
our mind is absent
live like a legend
until the very last second

information passing
few of it lasting
reoccurring in future
will we ever need it?

who will be organizing
who will be sorting
or will we be conforming
to informational extorting?

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I'm blatantly reposting this on here, because it is beautiful
validation and hope instead of toxic positivity

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Hello ,
I switched to here to post more general stuff (was kind of discouraged to do so because the other instance is for gamedev related stuff).
I like to ramble about almost anything. Favourite music, photos, videos, (bad) jokes, sports, daily life - basically everything I did and do on birdsite.

Uh yeah - let's have a nice time together, I guess!

destiny, the great idea of everything coming together as it should, your personal plan, kindly gifted to a puny human

by the universe

there will be stormy weather tmrw night, so you better watch out

I feel like NFT/crypto combines all the good traits in ppl:
anti-vax and toxicity

at least there is certain overlap and they sure as hell want to see the world burn

beyzos, PG17 

beyzos can shoot blue origin up his arse, amirite

Loki is one hell of a show. Reminds me of LegionFX a lot, just not as crazy.

there's a wedding next Saturday that I will attend, that's how I upgraded my suit from last year.

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this is one of the best projects I've ever seen/listened to.

Amazonas by Malvae
give it a spin!

fully vaccinated since Monday, and in hopes that people in Europe can hold their shit together this summer.
Gotta stay positive!

first day of gym after that third wave we had. damn.. it feels so good :pleading:

it's also wild to me that I got my shot last Monday, this week was long as heck

get the most out of discipline in the shittiest of situations

the hope of gyms reponing soon gave me motivation to continue my home workout, damn

got it yesterday, and the whole process was smooth and swift. My upper arm hurts (obviously) a little, and I had minor headaches yesterday and today, nothing major, I expect the second shot to be laying me flat in my bed!
That'll be in 5 weeks time.. excited for the progress we're making here. Just worried we'll get in touch with even more variants until then.

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getting my first shot of Comirnaty (BioNTech) on May 17th. Finally, at last. :pleading:

Krita is actually fun.. you can doodle up some shit and it looks gorgeous

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