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Information Society, Deathy 2016 (Pt1) 

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I'm blatantly reposting this on here, because it is beautiful
validation and hope instead of toxic positivity

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Hello ,
I switched to here to post more general stuff (was kind of discouraged to do so because the other instance is for gamedev related stuff).
I like to ramble about almost anything. Favourite music, photos, videos, (bad) jokes, sports, daily life - basically everything I did and do on birdsite.

Uh yeah - let's have a nice time together, I guess!

goals this week: 

so.. I want a decent VR headset for

a) half-life: alyx,
b) Beat Saber

got early shift from tue-sat - gonna stay up all day long today to fix my sleeping sched眉le

(this will probably fail :blobcatgooglyshrug: )

Since everyone's stayin at home, I'm gonna check my photographs from hikes and trips and make some collections to look through for ya (probably on here, birdsite and insta)

thinking about going all in on cigars and whiskey to finally get that satisfying deep voice everyone so darnly desires

Just dropping these links cuz $ is really tight right now!

鉁 My Etsy Shop:

鉁 Ko-fi (Tips + Donations):

鉁 My Insta: @ bewitcharts

DM me for inquiries or commissions~ :heart_nb:

I stayed up very late, very well into this morning watching Mick Gordon's livestream on Doom Eternal's music and today I feel like I've woken up as a new person.

good morns! :blobcowboy:

just in case you don't have enough to read atm, there's a cool Humble Bundle up


what's life's worth? 

listening to music on my summer flashback playlist on spotify and it's healing to say the least

time to find myself again
let the things that worry me
the things that bother me pull me apart
so it can form something new
and leave behind what has passed
seems to be a process every year anew

This is a constant inspiration to me. (image via Wikimedia commons)

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