Hello ,
I switched to here to post more general stuff (was kind of discouraged to do so because the other instance is for gamedev related stuff).
I like to ramble about almost anything. Favourite music, photos, videos, (bad) jokes, sports, daily life - basically everything I did and do on birdsite.

Uh yeah - let's have a nice time together, I guess!

@pikachu thank you! I have to admit your advertisement in the fed TL for worked. That and cool admins I guess. :coolstorybob:

@pikachu Thanks, Pika! Does this mean we have to increase how much we bribe you? @deathy @namtari

@deathy Welcome! :blobcatheart: We'll make sure you have a nice stay by continuing to post bad memes and yelling at each other in norwegian. It'll be great, we promise.

@ftw I appreciate that a lot! Unfortunately I can only throw a "hej hej" from a one semester Swedish course I had - I know it's not Norsk but at least it's somewhat similar. Who knows, I might learn a thing or two..

@pikachu @ftw and somehow you've made it to be the mascot of That's an incredible career if you ask me! :D :pogchamp:

@deathy Sweet! That's all you need to know, honestly. The rest is just us arguing with swedes about different types of toxic fish.

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