I'm blatantly reposting this on here, because it is beautiful
validation and hope instead of toxic positivity

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This is hard. You've done hard things before and I believe in you vs. You'll get over it!

I know there's a lot that could go wrong. What could go right? vs. Just be positive!

All vibes are welcome here. vs. Good vibes only!

It's pretty normal to have some negativity in this situation. vs. Stop being so negative!

It's probably pretty hard to be positive right now. I'm putting out good energy into the world for you. vs. Think happy thoughts!

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Sometimes giving up is ok. What is your ideal outcome? vs. Never give up!

It's never fun to feel like that. Is there something we can do today that you'd enjoy? vs. Just be happy!

It's probably really hard to see any good in this situation. We'll make sense of it all later. vs. See the good in everything.

By @sitwithwhit on Instagram.

Great job, would add something I recently support to someone saying to me they keep their smile despite the bad things at all times: you don't have to be looking happy all the time, you can be true to others and to yourself, also when you don't feel OK at all. No one should have to smile when they go through hard times

@deathy this is really useful. if i'm not careful i fall back to stock phrases about as useful as a greeting card. sometimes shit just sucks.

@deathy I hate when my parents treat my siblings like the second

it's common to fall for that, unfortunately

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