Information Society, Deathy 2016 (Pt1) 

Information Society
Deathy, 2016

information addicted
mind fragmented
quicker searched
quickest forgotten

our body's present
our mind is absent
live like a legend
until the very last second

information passing
few of it lasting
reoccurring in future
will we ever need it?

who will be organizing
who will be sorting
or will we be conforming
to informational extorting?

Information Society, Deathy 2016 (Pt2) 

brain taken
and misused

Why the hell
am I even
in this place?

Waiting for a
use and sense,
staring display to face.

judged by cameras
analyzed by algorithms
served as products
seen as consumers

treated as humans
seen as beings
diversified in needs
equally loved

treated, seen and
diversified equally
human beings
need love

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