currently finishing up all the side quests before I return to main quest, but damn, I still enjoy the views in this game :heartsWheel:

monitor 1/2 and my setup are settled. 2K 144Hz is the shite. 2nd one is on it's way :blobaww:​

This is everything except the GPU, I can customize the LED stripes inside the case. :blobaww:​

cw: selfie, ec

today's my sister's wedding, first part's done, small celebration later to come

someone ordered excellent weather :ablobcool:

CW: selfie

slightly lewd selfie, upper body, b/w 

here we go

you're allowed to compliment or hate it - I like my body :>

6 months in growing hair, 5 months in doing workout/gym

CW: selfie, no eye contact

this is my improvised home gym equipment btw
gotta get creative, y'know

since I'll have a day off tmrw and won't be going out except for picking up meds for my mum, have a selfie of me on my way back home from work that I took on Monday.
take care folks

CW: self-portrait, eye-contact

got new glasses on Saturday :ablobcool:

(selfie, slight ec)

selfies count towards self-care, right? :blobhappy:
crazy face, fluffy hair, don't care

cw: selfie, ec

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