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sometimes i feel like i was so much more creative when i was little but really i think that its more that i had the time and didn't have the perfectionism or the self-doubt that i do as an adult. i just had ideas and put them down and i need to cultivate that again

btw, that's running on ultra quality, 1080p with 50-60fps on an i9-10850K and RX5600XT (my substitute for now)

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This is everything except the GPU, I can customize the LED stripes inside the case. :blobaww:​

I just did a self-confidence warm up in the mirror just before I head to work in a few, and it felt good

plans for november:
- build my new pc (all parts except gpu are here)
- survive online seminar/lectures next week + exam
- play AC: Valhalla the week after with 2 weeks of vacation

ah yes, discussions with your boomer mum. ain't it fun

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Took these detailshots when walking through the park next to my appartment. Wish I wasn´t living in the city, especially in these times...

#photography #augsburg #fotografie #detail #sony #park #walking #autumn

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I've been waiting for this one!!!!!! Turn it UP !!!!!

US pol, society 

I hope that US Americans (R) understand, sometime in the future, that what Bernie Sanders, AOC and other progressive Democrats stand for are not Socialist talking points, they are Social Democratic and every fvckin country in Europe profits off of it and they're better for it. But some people just don't like to get educated I guess.

alc, us pol 

I think I'm gonna celebrate with a glass of wine. This is still going to be a shit show, but the US has finally taken the first step on their way to sanity. :blobcatpats:​

re: us pol, election 

So Wisconsin can be safely assumed flipped. I predict Michigan to flip as well, even Pennsylvania. Not sure about Georgia still.

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us pol, election 

Don't quote me on this, but I'm cautiously optimistic. It will be a shit show nonetheless.

still waiting daily for that juicy 3080 delivery notice from Alternate :angercrywall:​

re: self-care 

the only times I've received messages, there was never really a convo, no real interest in a convo anyway. except once. and I don't see the point, not with a person I can't have a conversation about any topic anymore.
I just noticed that I still think about stuff that happened like a year ago, but I'd like it to bother me less, so yeah - here we go!

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deleted that number and the chat log, so I can't text that person anymore. idk why, but that's my process to get ppl off my mind

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