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boundaries stuff 

Idk if I posted something like this before so I'm doing it now even tho I think this should be a pretty clear thing but oh well. Anyway pls don't make any non lewd posts from me lewd except for when it's clearly in a shitposting manner or more innocent flirty otherwise either ask me before doing so or just leave it be if you're not sure if it's okay to do so no matter how close we are. At best I will get annoyed and just ignore you at worst I will mute or block you.

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other social media accounts 

here are some other places where you can find me. mutuals are welcome to follow or add me!! 😊
instagram is @ drkshines
discord and nintendo friends code are in my bio. (tell me who you are pls I won't accept you if I can't identify you)
you can ask me for my telegram or even my number if we have talked here before.
and you can also ask me for my lewd account on here if you want. 😏

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helpful website and possible youtube alternative 

If you need background noises, soundscapes, white noise whatever stuff of that kind to work or concentrate or just to chill and usually get this from YouTube there's a website called where you can chose from a huge selection of different kinds of noises, soundscapes etc!! It's my fav website to help me concentrate and even helped to calm me down during anxiety attacks and sensory overload in the past

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It's time for a new !
Hello I'm Sina I'm a 23 year old bisexual enby from Germany. Pls use they/them or she/her pronouns for me. I'm currently still studying religious studies and sociology.

I mostly post about daily life stuff. You can also expect some dog content, posts about my plants, music, video games, leftist politics (ancom/anarchism), lots of pictures and the occasional sadposting and some shitposting as well. 😊

If you happen to be in Germany this week, please remember: Saturday is a public holiday, so shops will be closed, and shopping needs to be done on Friday or earlier.

Stonehenge sunrise purple w/ mist, FOTO 

via ST0NEHENGE @ t w

Sunrise at Stonehenge today (1st October) is at 07.08am, sunset is at 06.45pm


a general reminder for halloween month 

Halloween is not a free pass to post gross pictures of blood and guts and gore things, remember to CW your posts and be thoughtful of others who do not find that kind of material pleasant

Thank you :)

I love when people think corporations are UwU friendly and nice.

They're not. They're shit. Some of them are just less shitty than the other ones. That's not really a high bar or anything.

my moon phase app says the moon is at 99,9% almost full moon πŸŒ•

there is no such thing as a romance language. no one who speaks them has ever gotten laid

can't tell if my acnh character looks all spooky and cute now or kinda like a homestuck character

mathetmatics is just doing witchcraft and other unspeakable stuff to innocent numbers

**German state suspects intelligence staff of far-right activity**

"The suspects worked as part of a team that monitored right-wing extremism online in North Rhine-Westphalia. But they reportedly shared and posted anti-Islam or xenophobic content on chat groups and social media."

#news #bot

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