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Anyway if any mutuals wanna follow my insta it's @ drkshines

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helpful website and possible youtube alternative 

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It's time for a new !
Hello I'm Sina I'm a 23 year old bisexual enby from Germany. Pls use they/them or she/her pronouns for me. I'm currently still studying religious studies and sociology.

I mostly post about daily life stuff. You can also expect some dog content, posts about my plants, music, video games, leftist politics (ancom/anarchism), lots of pictures and the occasional sadposting and some shitposting as well. 😊

My favorite part of online is everyone either thinks you’re 100 percent serious all the time or you do nothing but jokes and you can’t be anything in between.

In case you can't tell

I'm fucking tired.



there have been NONstop attacks on members of MyAss.

From accusations of race faking. To misgendering. To calling us brutal savages.

Every. Fucking. Day.

Can we.... Stop?

Just. Don't be racist? Stop calling us savages? Stop calling us deranged? Stop using the same fucking language used to excuse the genocide against us?

We're tired y'all.

Our name is MyAss, we just wanna shitpost.

I love that a lot of the masks esp some of the wooden masks are so that they seem very gender neutral they often look kinda friendly slightly creepy but you can't tell if they're supposed to be male or female

This person is wearing a mask that's like the ones people in the middle ages had to wear when the were publicly humiliated for their crimes

gay enby with ibs? you misheard my. I said I'm a gay enby with abs *I rip off my shirt. I have a 10-pack. every bottom within 3 miles begins fanning themselves*

this is from a gathering of "Narren" from different parts of germany and also austria and switzerland

Not a fan of modern fasching, fastnacht whatever you wanna call it but the traditional stuff is pretty cool some of the costumes are so wonderfully creepy

I'd like to actually get notifications when someone messages me why are some apps so unreliable when it comes to that

mark me down as a myass fan. also a "my ass" fan but that's a conversation for a different day

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