look at this very beautiful ginkgo tree which is around 1400 years old

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the city I'm studying in also has quite a lot of ginkgo trees and there's a pretty big one in a tiny park and in autumn it covers like half the park in yellow leaves it's so pretty I wonder how old it is bc it rlly is big

@deidara Woah! That tree has lived through so much and it's so beautiful ๐Ÿ’›

I believe I've seen some here in Indiana, USA. The leaves are pretty distinct and they turn a pretty awesome color in the fall. We have a lot of deciduous trees here so they kind of get lost in the mix.

@textbook it's in a buddhist temple in the zhongnan mountains in china

@deidara Ginkgo trees are wonderful! And so beautiful in autumn.

@deidara I've played enough games to know that yellow thing will be useful against the boss later

@deidara in Philadelphia, USA they planted a ton of ginkgo trees around the city. They drop all their leaves at once, so if you're unlucky your car gets covered by them

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