can people pls stop with this "trans women are women, trans men are men and nonbinary people are valid" bullshit we're not just valid nonbinary people are nonbinary keep the same energ with us as with other trans people or fuck off

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@deidara Huh, never thought about this like that. Thanks for pointing it out!

@deidara Tbh, this is why we use "...and nonbinary people are their respective genders."

The unequal linguistic comparisons being made irk us to no end.

@deidara at this point i consider "valid" to be a stand in for "i dont really care but i wanna come off as nice"


Thank you, I've been to a few trans prides and always found this odd, I mean their heart seems in the right place, but yes, they need to, like you say keep the same energy, not just like "it's valid".

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