Spam of pics from today's walk in the woods incoming 🌿

Anyway today was great and it was so so pretty! Took a walk along a lake and a small creek quite some way into the woods. Theo had a lot of fun as well 💚

sun came out a bit later which made it very humid but everything looked even prettier also lots of cool old tree trunks spotted

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@deidara there are zero reference points for the size of that lad, it could be tiny or a bloody lobster

@anarchiv lmao well the creek is pretty small an the water not very high so it can't be a big lad

@anarchiv @deidara I just looked it up! It's a European Crayfish, and it's a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List!

@anarchiv @deidara gotta say i was expecting a toad lad not a crustacean lad xd

@anarchiv @deidara all lads are good though, lad surprise is okay too

@pfx @anarchiv oooh that's so cool!!!! I've actually never seen any of these before so I feel honoured I got to see this lad

@pfx @anarchiv @deidara I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems to me that this little fella is not an Astacus astacus, but a Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus). The bright patches on their claws are very distinctive.

Unfortunately, P. lenisculus is one of the agents of A. astacus' vulnerability as a species (humans being the root, of course). The problem is described in the first paragraph of the Wikipedia entry:

@pfx @anarchiv @deidara (I am not an expert on crustaceans, but I wrote a newspaper article two years ago about this specific problem in southwestern Germany (it is in German, of course)):

@deidara hmm, it looks a bit different to Welsh forests. Sort of lighter, more airy, taller even? Not sure I can put my finger on it really. Perhaps it's the tree species or something.

@pfx yeah the tree species here are pretty mixed but I'd say it's not that light and airy everywhere even here in that forest are parts you can't rlly walk in at all
idk about other forests in germany tho

@deidara I guess it's just the pictures you took. After crawling around in the brambles trying to follow "footpaths" pretty much anything will look more open to me XD

@deidara you, a German: haha Bierfass
me, an intellectual: omg cute doggos in the background!

@deidara These picture are great! I love seeing other people's adventures, and getting an insight into the local area.

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