honestly it's a big fat shame that attack on titan is currently the most popular anime I hate weebs so much

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It's not only straight up nazi shit it's also ugly as fuck

@00dani the last season is currently running so yeah unfortunately

@00dani @deidara yea the newest season actually beat out FMA for highest ranking anime a few weeks ago

@deidara the author can't draw

i thought originally it was because it was early on and with a lot of manga you see the artist's still and style evolve over the run, or that it was because of the monstrosity of the titans

but no, he just sucks at drawing

and he's a fascist

@extinct @deidara he's trying very poorly to mimic german romantic art which uh, was the style hitler painted in and one of the few art styles the Nazis didn't consider degenerate so, l

@georgespolitzer @deidara also drawing a consistent human face that doesn't look like the person is dying of wasting disease seems beyond him

@georgespolitzer @extinct god I didn't know he tries to do that what the fuck how does this shit keep getting worse

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