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Hey, I'm Domino Raspberry (a.k.a "raspberry_boy")

I'm back on the fediverse! c:

What is a monad? (wrong answers only)

Alright, I’ve had it with you! *places a large neodymium magnet next to your gender*

I’m going to write an O’Reilly book called “Mothematics: Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Moths” full of cool moth facts

Wolfram Alpha is so 2020, real men use Wolfram Sigma!

"Poggers" is what you say when something you liked from the past comes back (in pog form)

Manhole? Come, it's 2021! Let's call it "Human-orifice "!

food, shitpost 

Why do they call it doughnut when if they don't nut in the dough??

“PowerPoint” sounds way kinkier than it should...

Vent drawing: nudity, sexual harassment 

This is a summary of how most of my relationships have felt...

Goofball? No pal, in the trade we use the technical term "GOOFSPHERE"!

Was bored in class, so I decided to draw my bf c: (cartoon ec)

Hey, anyone wanna trade genders with me? I've got a "rat witch", a "moss", and a "cosmic horror" :3

Yes, I am a scientist; I have a laptop, a lab coat, and a lap-cat :3

You'd think banks would be more trans-positive with the amount of trans-actions that they do...

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