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I just can’t shake the feeling that a duck may be watching me

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Hey, I'm Domino Raspberry (a.k.a "raspberry_boy")

I'm back on the fediverse! c:

I'd trade my entire life as a human just to be a crab for a day 👧 ➡️ 🦀

Beware the "I'm a feminist. Oh, but I'm not political!" types...

Racism in Chile, longpost, covid mention 

This is a story from the beginning of the year that I hadn't thought of posting:

A group of Haitian immigrants in my district were refusing to vaccinate for they did not trust the government, and whenever the government went to check on them, they were met with resistance, for they believed they were going to be rounded up and deported (I genuinely don't blame them for thinking that). They refused to cooperate until the government brought a Haitian doctor to them to explain the situation to them.

Now, what really bothers me about this is that the government tried to send the police to where these people lived first *before* sending a person who could actually explain them what's going on. And everyone here just act's like that's normal?! They almost be saying shit like "Oh those immigrants are so silly! Why don't they trust the state?"

And for goodness sake, don't get me started on what the government is doing in Araucanía to the Mapuche people (it's genocide). And of course, the international community doesn't give a toss about the Mapuche people...

You Wouldn't Shake The Musical Egg.🥚 🎶

<--- has triangular, glandular leaves🌿

🦊 ☎️ <--- has been working on an unified theory

I'll eventually absorb your coolness through osmosis

<--- starts glowing blue, smells like ozone...

<--- likes to partake in occasional grass-eating

it's so funny to me that in Spanish (or at least in my dialect) the words for "to take" (like taking your meds) and "to take over" (like taking over the means of production) are the same word

my phone's autosuggest keeps suggesting me "I took my meds" and "I took over 'Los Libertadores' metro station" and I just can't stop giggling

<--- is here to talk about extended warranty

<--- is found in every continent (except antarctica)

Is he really a "catboy" if he doesn't operate heavy duty CAT machinery?

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