Hey Fediverse,

I’ve got a friend with dyslexia who’s looking for dyslexia friendly fonts to aid her read. Do you know any good fonts for dyslexic folk?

@domino I'm not sure if I'm dyslexic, but sometimes I struggle reading things with some fonts.

I use Fantasque Sans Mono, which helps, but I've used Open Dyslexic in a warehouse for big labels on boxes before and that was effective (with a few people who are definitely dyslexic). It's an ugly font though unfortunately...

@domino its not really a dyslexic font per say, but a font i like is Atkinson Hyperlegible, which is designed to look more or less like a common print font while also incorporating a lot of little details to make it more accessible and readable in non ideal circumstances

for a drop in replacement font thats more accessible and doesn't change the style much i would recommend it

@jande @domino I am not dyslexic and Atkinson Hyperlegible is the font I like to use on my ebook reader, I feel that it is indeed more legible.

Maybe worth a try.

ableist bullying 

@domino I know lots of people have already recommended it but I agree that OpenDyslexic is great.

I've used to have it everywhere (even wrote a chromium extension to force it while not messing with most iconfonts) until I got too annoyed with the coworkers at my first job making fun of me for using "comic sans", so depending on how shitty the people near them are, it may not be the best choice

@dysphoricunicorn @domino came here to say that Comic Sans MS is, I think I've heard, one of those "asymmetrical"/dyslexic-friendly fonts that's supposed to be easier to read, but I don't have the ability to confirm with personal experience. I regret being one of those haters back before I knew its value, and I'm sorry to hear that it's STILL going around even all these years since my school days :_;

I'm have no idea if it also works for #dyslexia, but the #Braille institute has released a #font for low vision readers

(I know that it's a completely different problem space, but its focus on character differentiation might help.)

@domino According to my little syster (because I'm not dyslexic) OpenDyslexic works great. I still have to show her ComicmSans tho.

OpenDyslexic? Never really seen anyone using it, but may be worth a try - it's included on Kindle's by default 😄

@domino I find OpenDyslexic really easy to read but my dyslexia isn't generally getting in the way of reading. It does take a little getting used to though.

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