lewd, ec 

I might have just posted a two minutes long video of me sucking off a bad dragon dildo on my OF :3



lewd ec video 

ok, so here's the deal:

if you boost this video clip of the video and get it quasi trending I'm gonna post the entire two minutes here for free. Sounds good?

good ;* :retootPlz::blobCatHeartTrans:

lewd ec video 

@eptirmyrkrit bbpbpbpbpbpenidieio3fjej3jofdif AAAAAAAA

lewd ec video 

@eptirmyrkrit now you've made me and ny girlfriend horny 🥺❤️

lewd ec video 

@eptirmyrkrit This is damn hot, and you look very skilled at sucking.👀

re: lewd ec video 

@TheCountess so I've heard from many that I've sucked :3 and thanks ;*

lewd ec video 

That's so hot 😻 :lipbite:
But no time for relief this morning. Now I'll have to go to work - horny as I am right now
Thanks for sharing, you made my morning 😽

lewd ec video 

@Cyb3rVix3n glad you liked it, there is always time for release when you come home ;**

lewd ec video 

@eptirmyrkrit maybe it's partly the cage I'm wearing but god watching this got me squirmy 😳😳

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