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hi mutuals if you want me to follow one of your alts please tell me because I'm horrible at guessing

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if i talk about “suspension” on this account, it refers to a moderation decision on my GoToSocial instance.

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i wish all lewdposters a very block me right now

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I personally do NOT believe in the heterosexual lifestyle

While this (rather old) article is formally about clothes it's actually about gender and how cis men can do and what they should do to destroy it

tl;dr men are a ruling class and the manhood is guarded, women are allowed to aspire for it but not reach it, men who step away from the class are ridiculed at best. It won't change much until men themselves get rid of it

Remember when $15 was considered too luxury that people worried it'd destroy economies, and now $15 is extreme poverty wage

joe biden should give me money cause I don't have any, not for a couple weeks lmao
I'll even say something nice if you toss some money my way Mr. Biden, it'd stimulate the economy since I wouldn't have to resort to lifting staple foods from the grocery store

shitposting is hard work. website boy should hire me for improving the quality of the platform.

grumbling about text formatting 

Or it wraps anyway and you get unreadable trash.

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People who have "nothing but love and support for the LGBT+ and transgender community" sure have a funny way of expressing it. But I suppose where I see a statement as black and white, some others may see gray. is such a good instance tbh 10/10 yall gay af

hi mutuals if you want me to follow one of your alts please tell me because I'm horrible at guessing

“when im around you my heart begins to beat faster” that doesn't sound healthy. You should have your heart checked out

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"im longing for you" bitch become short then

going to start calling any cishet that shaves or uses make-up "groomer".

“im falling for you” bitch just get up then

this website gives me too much dopamine there are immeasurable levels of clownery every day there's MORE
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choose your type of bad software

choose your bad software gender

  • corp software
  • foss
  • other
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