Want to click watch but can't decide if 700 is a nicer number than 699.

Petition to rename "throw" to "yeet" in all programming languages.

`yeet (FileNotFoundException e)`

I thought this was spam but this message is not dangerous looks safe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

waiting for the day god aka @ftw gets tired of me and nerfs me

Tootsite now has a new mascot (in addition to @pikachu ofc). She's called toot-chan and is drawn by @Princesspeach who did an amazing job doing so. :blobcatheart:

if you take a screenshot from somewhere that obviously have a URL, FUCKING LINK IT YOU NED

I cleaned my desktop for the first time in 6 months and it feels so good :blobaww:

What do you mean "valid dates"? These dates are perfectly fine!

Here it is:

The low-effort official tootsite car in Forza

Don't delay; buy the tootsite car today

I found this is my parents in laws' house. It's in bloody mint condition!! :ablobdrool:

👥 https://conf.tube/ for conference videos.

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