May I suggest you
1. Stop doing whatever you're currently doing
2. Start this playlist
3. Continue doing whatever you did before

You're all welcome.

elon musk would fit perfectly on fedi, he just has too many sheep

I don't know, but maybe we shouldn't be teaching our kids that there are no limits for cars?

If I could remove the phone and SMS functionality from my phone, I would. It's basically bloatware at this point.

Aloha. I'm bxtn, a resident techno-wizard. Yes, that means I live up to the stereotype of running GNU/Linux on a Thinkpad. I also play table-top role-playing games; mostly Pathfinder though that old-school revival is interesting.

DANGER: spews inane bullshit every hour on the hour. Handle with care. If you get @bxtn on your skin or eyes, flush the affected area immediately. If you are allergic to @bxtn or are pregnant, consult your doctor.

Sitting alone at a Starbucks in Tokyo a Thursday morning just catching up on general internet things has been one of those invaluable blissful moments.

I know your country probably got things like your family and a language you understand, but in Japan you're not supposed to tip at restaurants, so we all might as well move here.

if youre not following the tootsite mascot what are you even doing with your life

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