when people ask me how they could start to learn programming or "hacking", i tell them to look at html and css. although neither of them are actual programming languages, they teach you what i think is one of the most important lessons about computers: you own your own computer, and you can change the way it works however the fuck you want.

using any browser, you can edit the content of websites to say exactly what you want them to. with a tool like ublock, youll learn to remove the parts of websites that you dont want there. with a tool like tampermonkey you can display a fucking dumpsterfire gif every time you visit facebook. it will also teach you how platforms like twitter dont give a shit about you, and ubfuscate their html to prevent you from hiding their shitty marketing "features".

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although none of this is actual programming, you have learned to use one of the tools that actual leet hackers use, while also improving you life.

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@ftw There are also Userstyles aswell, which let you change how websites look by editting their CSS classes

@ftw For example the Mastodon 'Cozact' theme + custom theme color Userstyles I've made:

@ftw und dann werden sie frontendentwickler na super
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