I don't know, but maybe we shouldn't be teaching our kids that there are no limits for cars?

Me: "I'm such a bad programmer and will never succeed in life :pepehands: "
Gradle: "We got 8.7k stars on GitHub for this shit :lul: "


Turns out some of our relays had stopped working, which generated hundreds of MBs of logs an hour. The problematic relays have been removed, and measures have been taken to prevent stuff like this from happening in the future.

The list of enabled and disabled relays on Tootsite now looks like this.

The Economist just published a report on the most expensive cities to live in. I always find these reports to be super interesting. It's also fun that I've lived in a city that's 7% more expensive than New York. pages.eiu.com/rs/753-RIQ-438/i

@namtari You know how I haven't received the DO t-shirt yet? I have another one on the way now :kappa:

Flat earthers: If the earth was round, rain would fall sideways closer to the poles.
Norway: Checkmate, motherfuckers!

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Considering it takes me 40 minutes to get to work, this is such a stupid and frustrating UI decision.

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