Pinned post just migrated my mastodon acc to here because i don't feel comfortable there spamming about outages and other stuff happening on there lol

Can someone tell me why people do additional auth on unlocked wifi networks, instead of just doing WPA2?

Cuz like, light mode is unusable then with all the colours changed

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Whatever is happening, I hope its just a software thing

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Dark gray now looks like light gray and aaaaaa

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I've found something weird, when I change android theme to light, every colour on black-white scale gets lighter and everything looks really bad

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just watched a truck go zoom on reverse gear, with some sedan in front of it

I don't like when this kind of software "does" things for me

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Like, you have to actually move the cursor just because this fucked piece of shit software deletes almost all the mentions whenever you start to type and you didn't check if it did that

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is it possible to maybe fucking fix mastodons behaviour of marking all the mentions besides the first one? It's really fucking annoying

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