Pinned post just migrated my mastodon acc to here because i don't feel comfortable there spamming about outages and other stuff happening on there lol

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*taps microphone* um is this thing on..?


Fuck gender.

feels really fucking weird seeing f1 practice session at checks the clock 10:40pm

honestly surprised it can do any 3d at all

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subway surfers windows 11 gameplay HD 100% no scam [FREE]

Poggersdorf (Slovenian: Pokrče in dialect Poča ves) is a municipality, since 2013 a so-called Market Municipality (German: Marktgemeinde) in the district of Klagenfurt-Land in the Austrian federal state of Carinthia.

ngl i like how box browns turn more tactile/clicky over time, its weird but i like it

we got some massive disruptions on railway network yesterday

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