we started watching first season of modern top gear and holy shit it's so boring, at least the first episode

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I guess that's a reason you don't really see it on TV here

besides the obvious fact that it probably didn't get translated

@katnjiapus you are talking to a person that can get entertained by just looking at a fan

@katnjiapus @jeder i like their absurd challenges, like ski-jumping a car

@gaige @jeder Honestly I think my main dislike with Top Gear was always Jeremy Clarkson. Even before everyone found out what a ginormous piece of shit he is.

@katnjiapus @gaige when he got fired i was like 15 and I didn't really care about him much, like, I just wanted a laugh lmao

@katnjiapus @gaige even though clarkson is a piece of shit, I like it for the sheer amount of absurdness

@jeder @katnjiapus anyone proclaiming britain as the greatest nation on earth is a person to laugh at :02peek:
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