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can we get a thread going on moderation and anti-harassement tools to use with mastodon? I'm thinking used by either users, admins or both.


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very cool that transhumanist circles seem to be focused on improving workplace productivity instead of health, equality or anything else in society

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PLEASE just say in your readme "to build this you need libxxx and libyyy" so i don't have to manually track down the necessary deps

one caveat I see with twidere already is that it defaults to twitter locked account behavior and you can't see somebody's public/unlisted posts in app

now I should stop following this account from that one and viceversa

I can post to two accounts at once huh, nice

is there some app the let's you manage multiple fedi accounts from one timeline view jeez

coco is graduating huh, from the taiwan incident to this, ugh

minetest for windows joins server for like 5 minutes

let's say that everything bad in the world was made by americans

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