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and whatever those network threats are, ping?

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nice counters that are probably as true as my chances of getting into university

Discord Nitro Localized Pricing FAQ
Note: Localized pricing is currently available for Brazil, Turkey, and Poland

why just poland

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
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I'm so glad we pre-generated the world for EpicCraft 1.17

It looks so much cleaner (and runs so much better) than last season where we didn't do any generation before hand.

doing some widening on the iceway, almost finished

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begpost, need money for groceries, please boost 

i need money so i can get groceries while i continue my search for work; i currently have nothing to eat but pancakes and im almost out of flour. ive applied for a number of local retail positions and im looking into freelance software but i need to be able to eat in the meantime so if you can it would help a lot

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#transcrowdfund #mutualaid

its gonna be all underground eventually, but for now this aboveground-lift-underground system has to do the job

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this is your brain on aboveground railway/iceways

i am responsible for this atrocity

yes its going underground, but not here unfortunately

minecraft 1.18 ore generation is shit dont @ me

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