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The new look for the EpicCraft Wiki is starting to take shape! A special thanks to @jeder for his input and recommendations as well as everyone who is contributing to it!
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EU plans to force OEMs to use a common charger for all phones. Including the iPhone? Let's make Apple follow standards for once. #eu #iphone #android #phone #charger #standard #regulation

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Oh, you're a MAP?

Great, then you can find the way to get away from me

map of @EpicCraft public transport network now includes brotway, a local railway in brotburg

mmm i love paying 200PLN per month for 2Mbps LTE

i am thankful that works are so advanced that they can't just cancel it

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i love how radiowroc艂aw articles about railway line no. 285 are always flooded with comments about how it shouldn't be renovated and that sob贸tka citizens don't want it and shit, and instead of 285, line no. 283 or whatever to lw贸wek should be rebuilt instead

swidnica24 articles however are rather full of enthusiasm towards this, since 艣widnica is kinda big here and more trains to wroc艂aw is better

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mmmmm look at this thing
2.5 months until it shows up in my town

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