@switchingsocial what kind of alternative could you suggest for todoist? any comprehensive todo app that is manageable on both desktop and mobile

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Релиз профессионального видеоредактора DaVinci Resolve 16 opennet.ru/opennews/art.shtml?

@Deiru you wanted more reasons to not support ion fury devs, you get them

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kinda glad they don't have duke nukem anymore so they can start from scratch and build something free of toxic hypermasculinity and 90s misogyny. that's part of what will make one's future games stand the test of time

wild how even the boomercore shooters these days have proper gender representation. 3d realms has struck it twice with female protag in ion fury and gender ambiguous protag in wrath: aeon of ruin, and there

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please read this, violence, protesting, antisemitism and racism 

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I wanna deadass drop the show


I wanna deadass finish it

I really wish it wasn't this boring at times

it gets interesting when it gets into nadeko's psychological portrait but they could have easily gotten without all that boring talk

seriously consider dropping it btw bc it's really boring so far

why does kaiki in koimonogatari look like graham linehan

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I think Theseus and the Minotaur should make out. That's my Ship of Theseus.

assassin's creed origins is a historically accurate game

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