@kat it basically is mastodon meets google+ and i lowkey kinda like this

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mastodon is 4 years old now? yoooo

Pawoo Is Banned From Mastodon At Large So I Can No Longer Be Horny On Main

@switchingsoftware i remember there being an in development activitypub based commenting system for blogs, im kinda curious abt that.

also, while i'm at it, could prob be cool to know about ethical alternatives to disqus as well, cos that is quite a pile of trash

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Hi Fediverse 👋

we keep on preparing the launch of our new website. And I'm happy to tell you that we will be sponsored by the hosting provider Greenhost.


They are one of the few providers being privacy-friendly, running on renewable energy and supporting ".software" domains. Additionally they embrace free and open source software 🙂

PS: As often mentioned before, the preview of our new website can be seen here:


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Apparently last night a fascist got thrown out of #36c3 by the security team.

He posted this report about the incident: vc.gg/blog/36c3-staff-assaulte

What he does not mention: cock.li also serves the domains rape.lol, hitler.rocks, nigge.rs, and getbackinthe.kitchen.
(Source: providers.delta.chat/cock-li )

If he had read the banner above the entry, he could have known that he is not welcome 🤷

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Full stream ahead! #ViacomCBS is reaching more viewers than ever with @PlutoTV, @betplus, and @CBSAllAccess. See the other moments that made 2019 amazing: viacbs.co/64209nut

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radfem? is that some kinda irradiated woman??? she-hulk??????????

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