god our eurovision performance was great

ukraine russia war, politics 

gotta love arguing with an *irish* person who's slandering ukraine as a nazi country

like have you not had this lesson already

haven’t touched Ukrainian translation for Mastodon in a long while

Мені цікаво, чи зʼявиться цей дмух в англомовній федерованій стрічці, якщо в мене стоїть англійська мова в налаштуваннях?

tankies and all the shitty "leftists" not knowing shit about Ukraine and trying their best to pit ppl against us absolutely tire me out, but thankfully far from everyone is this despicable, and there are ppl willing to listen

Recently, we pointed out that GPD were taking YouTubers content on Steam Decks and putting it on their own channel, with no credit. (twitter.com/gamingonlinux/stat)

Here's GPD's answer:

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