@kat what is this? You have some more context?

@namtari this is a new gab instance made by a bunch of terfs. location's spinster.xyz

So actual terfs? Not just someone trolling?

@namtari doublechecked the "co-creator", and yes, the creators are actual terfs who are also associated with obviously terf website womensdeclaration.com/

@namtari you can check spinster . xyz / @ mk, and spinster . xyz / @ alex. this ain't a drill

@kat @namtari So we are now finally officially allowed to say that terfs are nazis?

Human stupidity and hatefulness never cease to surprise me

@namtari forking a nazi instance to own the transes

@namtari in other news, i just discovered that Tranime Girl has a gab account

That was an interesting persona I've never heard of

@namtari she's a transphobic trans girl basically, and she's alt-right adjacent

Somebody just discovered that after effects was on the pirate bay lol

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Just a general instance with a catchy name.