@aras Hey, have you seen my post about @voadi?

@brainblasted I'm probably missing some context. Is this related to the QuickJS engine in any way?

@aras No, this is related to a user on your instance who in the IRC room for their game stated that they were anti-trans and started sharing hateful content regarding trans people.

@brainblasted ok so deal with them on that IRC/Matrix server? I seem to recall reports about them here, but all their toots are about the game itself, and they are all fine.

@aras so you're okay with hosting bigots? Especially bigots who make trans people uncomfortable in the rooms they advertise on their account?

@brainblasted I have no idea if they are bigots or not. The account seems to be for the whole game team, not an individual. All their toots here are totally fine. Is someone on the team a bigot somewhere else on the Internet? Maybe yes, maybe no. What does this have to do with this instance though?

@aras alexgleason is the leader of that project. I am pretty sure it's not a team, but them running that account. In the Matrix room for their game, they stated they are anti-trans. They advertise said Matrix room on their voadi account on your server. Please tell me if you don't see the problem here yet.

@brainblasted sorry, but I really don’t see an issue. Someone has a server, and talk about things you don’t like there. Why not just ignore their server?

In any case, it’s not my job to police how people behave outside of this instance. If they’d have hate speech here, that would be a different story.

And I don’t even know what is it that they said on their own server.

@aras I can send you screenshots. They have a link to their chat in their sidebar. I know that the developer is a bigot, but not everyone does. If a trans user went to that Matrix room from the link in the developer's sidebar and saw the transphobia, they would be hurt.

@brainblasted I just went to that link. Discussion about gitlab commits, planned updates to some game system, and a “have a nice vacation” message right now. If I would be trans, I don’t think I would be hurt (I can ask some of my trans friends for an opinion of course).






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