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Hatsune Miku created Minecraft, Harry Potter, and Five Nights At Freddy's - we Stan a talented game developer, author, and musician

did the shirt cut meme w/some friends' trolls 'n one of mine - decided to color deimos (he got the free space section haha)

#fantroll #shirtcutmeme

haha I’m throwing my hat into the meme ring with my OC kill van kull. Free space is him wolfing out, because ofc, how could I not?!?

#Piracy (copying) is not theft. However forcing people to pay money to copy what they already own is absolutely theft.
#FreeCulture #Copyleft

me: *follows the manual*
computer: *fails*
me: :pika:
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If we want "free software" to be a tool of liberation, it needs to put more focus on the people, rather than just technology itself.

I have a special gripe with Youtube commenters posting personal fan theories as facts...

blocking brave (the browser) is going to be an explicit feature of my thing btw

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