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"Defederation solves all problems - no federation, no problem" - Anatoly Rybakov


lvoe maston :mastodon:
lve the feverse :fediverse:
activipub :activitypub:

cw selfie, no ec, lewd implied 

and say, what would you do to a wolf like me? Answer me either in the comments or in dms ;*

:retootPlz: :blobCatHeartTrans:

Friends. Romans. People.

Reminder to always verify your information and don't post lists of doctors who provide services around reproductive care if it has not been verified by someone you trust.

wait pro/anti-shipping discourse isn't about global logistics?

type of person who describes themself as a polyglot because they can say "hello" and "where is the bathroom" in six closely related languages

blockreq, f-slur 

This chucklefuck retooted one of my posts, looked at their profile. No thanks

old probably 

Kobold Bebop

The edit function is such a QoL thing for me, you have no idea.

Trigun, representation 

Been rewatching Trigun because of the new series coming up, and I recognized that Milly Thompson reads a lot like she's on the spectrum:

  • She infodump when she has completed a task, even details that aren't necessarily relevant.
  • Has difficulty keeping track of time, missing office hours basically always.
  • Missing social cues and sarcasm, taking what other characters words literal. She's very direct and speaks her mind
  • Writing home to her family, she will hyperfocus and write each member a specialized letter, staying up to ungodly hours.

Your honor, I am just a smol bean whomst've ADHD

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