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I was playing around making a flag from Tootsite's colour scheme.

Thus Anarcho-Tootism was born :angry_laugh:

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the only reason the US gov haven't liberated norway from our oil is because they can't find it on the map

give a seagull a fish and you feed it for a day. give a seagull a fish every day for a week and you render the harbour inaccessible

Implied kobold tf 

You wake up with a sleeping dragon curled around you, his muzzle resting in front of you, his warm breaths sending gentle warm breezes over you as you lean against his side, which rises and falls slowly with his breaths. You sleepily look around you and briefly register that there are several other kobolds curled up around you. You don’t remember being a kobold before, but you’re so cozy now, and safe, and warm, and you are way too comfortable and sleepy to question this as you roll over and press your cheek against his warm scales and drift gently back to sleep. You dream of treasure and gemstones and earning the dragon’s favor.

oh, are we having a copyright dilemma? well, I can clear it up: basically everything we do on the internet is illegal, including several entire businesses where the law looks the other way. you're welcome. (please fix it)

Entering the race of most toots per day on

Watch out, @deidara :smug:

Does anyone know of a #Doom stamina/sprinting mod? The simpler the better, ideally.

It's the last sprinkle mod I need for putting together some really compelling horror themed mod configurations 🙂

I reverted the upstream code that made accepting notifications obligatory only to find another change that tries to coerce folks into accepting notifications. :imp_lookup:

I think I'm just going to remove the desktop notifications from the UI entirely.

late nite burger for the watchers of the night *nom nom*

Hey you 

You're doing great. You'll figure it out :blobcatheart:

@katnjiapus anything for our wise and merciful emperor who i hope will not sacrifice toot site to the volcano as originally planned :ablobgrimace:

(chuckles) you mean the gender pronouns?

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