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I was playing around making a flag from Tootsite's colour scheme.

Thus Anarcho-Tootism was born :angry_laugh:

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instance block recommendation 


They have a follow bot that tried to follow our account and that alone set off a huge red flag, so we investigated further and found this on their timeline alongside posts about how the economy has stalled due to -- get this -- "country clubs not seeing as much foot traffic". (See 2nd pic)

In short, this instance that seems intent on bridging the gap between free speech conspiracy theorists and anyone who doesn't take appropriate steps to keep them from invading our timelines, as evidenced by the follow bot.

So please, block this instance and keep your instance safe from capitalist conspiracy wackjobs like them.

craigslist ad: SF Bay Area indigenous queers seek unwanted land where they can build an intentional community

"Poor but resourceful Indigenous, Oakland raised queers seek unwanted land in Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, or Hayward. We are serious about turning a neighborhood blight into a home, and have the capacity to build a structure ourselves. Able to pay up to $10,000 for something currently in living condition.

Ugly, outdated? No problem! Tear down condition? Awesome! Inherited some property that you don't know what to do with? We'll roll up our sleeves and make it a home. About to fall behind on your mortgage? Don't give it up to the bank!

We're aware that this is a hell of a long shot, but we know that there are houses sitting empty in the Bay right now, and we'd be happy to help keep some land from the capitalist developers displacing BBIPOC.

No scammers or trolls. We're not interested in lectures. We just want to stay in the community where we belong, and create a safe haven for our queer friends. If this works, we'll pay it forward to the community. Peace!"

It's not secure to only hash tags. They should be hashed *and* salted.

@starwall i for one welcome our new quake 3 arena shipping fanfic

post-ideological-hyper-fractalized-uber-anarcho-communo-anarcho-communo-communo-anarcho-communo-anarcho-communo-anarcho-communo-anarchoh my god it's pulling me in, the vortex, it's too powerful, it's tOO POWERFUL, IT-- AH! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

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the battle between anarchists and tankies is one between oppressed and would-be oppressor

tankies have, historically, murdered the everloving shit out of anarchists at every turn

like, violent state repression shit

how anyone could equate that with a mere disagreement is beyond me

Mozilla take 

Mozilla should stop trying to be like every tech shit company out there and re-structure itself into a worker-owned cooperative.

Mozilla is canning a quarter of their workforce and doubling down on deprioritizing browser development.

Instead they're going to shift focus on selling shit.

Remember this, next time someone tells you to donate.

Under communism, everyone's IRL wardrobe will be at least as good as their ACNL wardrobe

growing up be like: hi im a child and i believe what my parents say because honestly i havent thought about it oh wait shit now im a teenager and everything my parents said is lies why would they lie to me oh god im legally an adult now and its all still lies but THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEM?????

it really pisses me off that not more services offer download of music in FLAC or other lossless formats

nor sorry:
især er jeg forbandet på de der tar urnorsk kultur og presenterer det som noe de er en del av, feks. amerikanere der har nordisk arv, dog mange generasjoner bak

liksom "yeah, my dude, I'm a viking" hvor kunnskapen deres om hva urnorge var er en dårlig etterligning av et middelmådig netflix show

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horav mange av de vil bare "tilbake" til "hvor menn er menn"-type samfund, dog i virkeligheten var vikingsamfund meget så progressive for sin tid å være; man kan til og med si at det var nogså progressivt i forhold til mange andre nuværende lander

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Cat vibes are so intense that cats literally vibrate when they vibe

the french love only 3 things:

-eat snail
-be stinky
-baguette maybe

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Just a general instance with a catchy name.